Sam + David’s Been Here INDIA FOOD TRIP Starts NOW! NEW India Travel Videos On FRIDAYS!

Sam + David's Been Here INDIA FOOD TRIP Starts NOW! NEW India Travel Videos On FRIDAYS!

I’m so excited to announce my INDIA FOOD TRIP with David’s Been Here starts right now with new India travel and Indian food videos coming out every Friday at 9am and 9pm EST. Our India trip included stops in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad.

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The focus of our trip, as indicated in the title, was on Indian food! Because we traveled North, East, West and South on this trip we had a chance to try unique regional Indian cuisine wherever we went tasting a lot of South Indian food for the first time as well as eating a plethora of Indian street food.

What made this trip special was all of the local guides David arranged for us in each and every destination. We had friendly locals showing us great eats and providing insightful information. Without their assistance our trip to India wouldn’t have been as successful and fun.

Please stay tuned every Friday for more India travel and food content!

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Sam + David’s Been Here INDIA FOOD TRIP Starts NOW! NEW India Travel Videos On FRIDAYS! Video Transcript:

Hey guys! Greetings from Canada. I have a special series to announce. Recently I went on a three week trip to India with my really good friend David of David’s Been Here. We went to 7 different destinations. We met each other in Mumbai and then immediately went to Pune.

Pune is like a really green city a university city. It was like our introduction to Indian cuisine on this trip. We ate a lot. And then from there we went to Hyderabad.

Hyderabad is the home for incredible dosa and biryani. It has some great attractions too.

From there we went to Amritsar and that was one of the coolest experiences that we had on the entire trip. We went to the Golden Temple. We saw the border closing ceremony. We also ate some really cool Northern Indian food.

From there we flew to Bengaluru which is in the far south. It was our first like real introduction to India in the far south.

And then continued south to Chennai. And that was our first introduction really to Indian seafood which was fantastic.

From Chennai we flew to Kolkata a city I’ve actually been to a couple of times before but never really properly explored. We ate great street food and sweets.

Wen then went to Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat and finished off in Mumbai.

We filmed like a tonne of Indian street food videos, Indian food vlogs, top attractions, travel vlogs, local language guides and apartment tours.

So one of the coolest things about this trip is that David arranged for us to meet with locals in every single destination we went to. Now these were like fans of David’s channel. Also they were fellow YouTubers and Instagrammers and small tour operators. And this made the trip honestly incredible.

It was so nice to meet up with friendly locals who showed us unique places to eat, gave us really cool insight and just gave us an extra personality on camera. Everyone we met was like super friendly and I think what is going to make this series extra special is just having that local expertise in each and every video.

And guys the biggest thing off all is that I didn’t film with Audrey. She’s behind the camera right now. Hello. I really missed her for the 3 weeks that I was gone but I mean uh this is just was a guy’s trip!

So I hope you guys really enjoy these videos and be sure to go over to David’s channel David’s Been Here because he’s going to be getting his videos out before we do.

The biggest thing of all guys, I forgot to mention, is this is going to be a Friday series. A double release every Friday it is going to be coming out at 9am and 9pm Eastern Standard Time. So stay tuned for that. Two India travel videos every single week on our channel.

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