Rustic home decor and accessories are a really popular way to add a natural or vintage touch to your decorating scheme. Even contemporary and modern homes can use rustic decor pieces to enliven and sometimes soften the feeling of a space. The texture, rough-hewn look and well-worn feel of rustic pieces add dimension to the room.

You don’t need to go full-on vintage or country to add rustic decor to your home. One of the easiest ways to add rustic decor is to use small accessories, either alone or in groupings. A collection of smaller pieces or a single statement accessory that has rustic characteristics can be a great addition. Wood pieces are a go-to item when you want to add homey touches to your decor. Whether you choose a rougher piece or one that is a bit more refined, it can be a focal point or a complementary decor piece. Planters are also an easy way to add wood as well as greenery to the room.

Cute bark planters from Accent Decor are versatile and natural.
Cute bark planters from Accent Decor are versatile and natural.
A natural wood planter, like this one by Jim Szymanski, is organic as well as rustic.
A natural wood planter, like this one by Jim Szymanski, is organic as well as rustic.
A more refined, smoothly finished piece, like this bowl from Bramble, is also rustic.
Artisan-crafted pieces like this bowl from Wyatt Speight Rhue are also perfect additions.

Vintage accessories, used in combination with other rustic pieces are a great way to inject a homespun feature into a room’s decor. Something old — or at least something that looks old — adds charm and character.

Mercury glass is a sophisticated yet rustic addition to a collection of accessories. This is also from Accent Decor.
Enamelware that evokes feelings of yesteryear is also a rustic addition.
Old-fashioned wire baskets, hanging from an old-style rack, are incredibly charming.
These vases by Jim Szymanski are proof that rustic can be edgy and not always country.

Accent furnishings that feature reclaimed wood, vintage hardware and distressed finishes are often used to bring rustic decor into a space. Today’s artisans and designers are increasingly working with repurposed materials to create pieces that have a rustic feel but are totally modern.

Anvil Club Company’s cart features both reclaimed wood and repurposed industrial metal elements.
Bella Rustica’s tables feature rustic patinas and aged metal legs.

Eclectic pieces like this coffee table by Davis Crates are a prime example of repurposed pieces that are modern, yet rustic additions to home decor. David Pilcer moved to California in 2010 and continued his business collecting, restoring and repurposing vintage wine crates.

Vintage wine crates are very charming components of a rustic piece.
Classic Home presents a repurposed drum that serves as the base for a rustic coffee table.
Revelation’s coffee table has a rustic, yet industrial vibe, that is still refined.

Seating is another way to add rustic elements to your home.  Whether it’s a repurposed bar stool or a chair upholstered in hair-on hide, seating is an excellent choice. In addition, you can move seating throughout the home, adding a rustic touch wherever you want it.

Classic Home’s stool with a repurposed top is rustic yet modern.
Dovetail’s armchair, covered in hair-on hide, totally a cabin-style piece that adds a natural vibe.
Soft, slouchy and fluffy, Creative Coop’s pouf is casual and perfect for a rustic feel.
Classic Home’s chest is vintage and versatile.

Distressed paint is a really popular way to introduce a rustic item into a decorating scheme. Any piece can be made rustic with a properly beat up finish, even pieces that have more formal lines. Whether it’s truly an old item, or a new piece made to appear rustic, the distressed look can work in any style of home decor.

Creative Coope has a rustic, distressed country shelf for kitchen, dining room or living room
This AB Home credenza features vintage images with a distressed surface.
Distressing makes this buffet from Creative Coop more casual and rustic feeling.
Natural wood, combined with distressed components, make this Park Hill table a perfect rustic piece.
VIP Home and Garden has this tall rustic dresser with vintage style hardware.
Rustic with a touch of industrial, from VIP Home and Garden.
Weathered finishes are very rustic.
Distressed pant with galvanized metal are the perfect pairing.

If distressed finishes are not your style, it’s still possible to add a rustic touch with the right lighting fixture. Natural wood, aged metals and repurposed pieces take center stage when they are used in creative light fixtures. Modern and contemporary spaces in particular can use metal lighting that has an aged patina to bring in a rustic element.

Creative Coop’s aged metal bottle chandelier.
Wish Designs chandelier is elegant and twiggy.
A vintage patina and elegant shape for Creative Coop’s pendant.
Copper and mixed shapes in Go Home’s caged chandelier.
Basket pendants from Light and Living.

Galvanized metal is a fantastic decor element that immediately provides a rustic dimension to a room. It’s a particular favorite, but be cautious as it is best used in small doses. Choose either some accessories, a lighting fixture or piece of occasional furniture, not all three.

A repurposed galvanized trough light fixture from Go Home.
Hanging mini half-buckets from VIP Home and Garden.
Park Hill’s rustic and charming galvanized occasional tables.
VIP Home and Garden’s galvanized cubby organizer.

This kitchen dry storage organizer from VIP Home and Garden is a classic rustic piece, but more importantly, it also is accented with a collection of accessories that also lend a rustic feel. The old-fashioned clock, vintage style salt and pepper shakers, paper towel holder with chicken wire and plump pig statue are all typical of the accessories you would find in a rustic setting.

This piece is attractive and functional.

Rope-accented accessories are extremely popular and these are good examples of the simple and rustic style. From using rope to hang simple wall pieces to covered vases, bottles and containers. Rope is an easy material to take advantage of in putting some rustic pieces into play.

Homart pairs rope accessories with a wooden console and bench.

To really make a big rustic statement, go for a large piece of furniture that is distressed, natural or live edge. Choosing such a dominant piece sets the tone for the room, no matter what type of accessories and accompaniments you add: Play it up or play it down, add a touch or modern or pair it with your other favorite furnishings.

Horizon Hom’s dining set injects some rustic color into a decor scheme.
A matching side table features old-fashioned louvered doors.
Samuel Moyer’s handcrafted live-edge table.
A rustic wood credenza by Sticks.

A little whimsy is always good and a bit of barnyard fun is great for a rustic touch. A low-cost and easy way to try this out is to add a pillow or cushion that features a fun animal. Park Hill pairs its wicker arm chair with a great vintage print of a cow on a natural fabric pillow.

A comfortable and cute chair for any casual space.

Whether you love rustic decor for the ambiance it creates or for the ease of putting together a decorating scheme, it’s an affordable style that can work in many existing spaces.

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