Rustic Chile House With A Lake And Volcano View

Situated on the shore of Lake Rupanco, in Entre Lagos, Chile this lovely house enjoys a set of truly wonderful views. It sits towards the highest point of the site from where it enjoys a view of the lake as well as the volcanos in the distance. This alone is enough to create a relaxing and exotic ambiance.
The house was designed by architect Lucas Maino Fernandez. In total, it offers 343 square meters of living space which are organized in a way that allows the inhabitants to take advantage of the surroundings but also to enjoy an intimate and inviting ambiance. The house is oriented towards the South which presented a set of design challenges. For example, a large and continuous skylight had to be added in order to bring more natural light into the house.
The skylight is part of the Northern section of the house and brings lots of natural sunlight directly into the living and dining areas. These spaces are large and open, with exposed beams up on the ceiling and a concrete fireplace that draws attention to the high ceiling. In comparison, the five bedrooms and their private bathrooms have lower ceilings which make them…

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