Bathrooms aren’t usually very inviting or cozy, at least not in the same way living rooms or bedrooms are. Still, that doesn’t mean they’re cold and austere either or at least they don’t have to be, not if you choose a rustic bathroom decor. That being said, a rustic bathroom can be charming in lots of different ways. We’re hoping that the following examples can reveal some of the mysteries of this style and perhaps even inspire you to choose it for your next bathroom remodel.

A sure way to add a rustic touch to a bathroom is by installing a barn-style door. This one has a sliding mechanism which makes it practical and space-efficient on top of being really charming from an aesthetic point of view.{found on peacedesign}.

Stone tiles can also have a big impact on a bathroom’s look as well as on the ambiance inside the space. Stone tiles are also very good at creating rustic decors so be sure to consider this option for your next remodel project.{found on chrismetzinteriors}.

Instead of patterned tiles, an actual stone wall can be extra efficient at creating a rustic bathroom decor. In fact, this is not just a bathroom idea. You can use stone walls to make any space look extra warm and cozy.{found on kuohphotography}.

Then there’s also wood which is also a wonderful option. If the goal is to make the bathroom look rustic, consider live edge wood or reclaimed boards which emphasize the material’s natural beauty in a unique way.

Install wood boards on one of the bathroom’s walls to create a rustic backdrop for the vanity and mirrors. For practical reasons, don’t use wood in the shower area to avoid dealing with moisture damage.

Both stone and wood are great materials to use in rustic bathrooms and you don’t have to choose one or the other if you like them both. In fact, they make a great pair. You could use stone for the walls and wood for the furniture.{found on ammiratoconstruction}.

The light from the pendant lamps highlights the texture and the overall design of the stone-clad walls, turning them into focal points of the bathroom. The simplicity of the color palette is in tone with the overall style.{found on griggscustomhomes}.

This rustic bathroom takes advantage of the wood’s natural beauty and allows it to become the center of attention. Of course, it’s not just that. The charm of the design lies in the details, like those chic faucets, the shape of the sink and all the imperfections in the furniture.{found on wellingconstruction}.

This rustic bathroom reminds us of those cozy mountain cabins made out of logs. That’s actually the whole point of the design. As you can see, while the log wall is definitely rustic, other design elements are actually modern and minimalist, ensuring a pleasant contrast.

Although using the right materials is definitely important if you want to give a bathroom a rustic look, that’s just the first step towards success. You can also make the space look rustic with the help of accessories such as a woven rug, a candle chandelier or an antique vanity.

A bathroom can look rustic and modern at the same time. However, finding the balance point between these two very different styles is not exactly a walk in the park. Check out this exquisite bathroom for inspiration.

If you’re going to make the walls the focal point of your bathroom, you should also make sure you don’t cover them up too much with furniture and partitions. try to keep them as open and as simple as possible. A transparent glass shower enclosure can help with that goal.

There’s one thing that can always make a space feel warm and cozy, no matter its function: a fireplace. Sure, having a fireplace in the bathroom is unusual but think of how much it could transform the space, especially if you’re aiming for a rustic interior design.

The rustic influences can also be subtle. For instance, you can cover one of the bathroom walls in wood planks, preferably the reclaimed kind. You can complement the wall with a chic mirror and a marble countertop.

It’s easier to design a rustic bathroom when it’s seamlessly connected to the bedroom. This way you can naturally continue the design of the bedroom into the bathroom, using the same materials, finishes and colors.

It’s important to use materials, finishes and colors in the right proportions when designing or decorating a space. In the case of a rustic bathroom, that usually means you should use a lot of wood mixed with some sort of natural stone.

Experiment with different types of wood and various different finishes when designing your rustic bathroom as a way to emphasize the material’s unique properties and wonderful natural beauty.

Marble is timeless and always elegant and beautiful which means it looks great regardless of the style you’ve chosen for your bathroom or kitchen. Here, for example, it complements a stone wall in the most sophisticated manner.

For a cohesive appearance, look for tiles that match or even mimic the look of the wood you’re using for the furniture. It’s a way to keep a decor simple and of focusing on the details, such as the fixtures, hardware, mirrors or the lighting.

This is a bathroom with nautical and mediterranean design influences where the focal point is the tub area but where there also a lot of quirky accent features that dazzle the eye. We like the contrast between the wood, the tiles and the delicate textile curtain.

Sometimes the best design bathroom strategy is to not treat this space like a bathroom but like a different kind of living room. Instead of a cold and mostly function-oriented decor you could give this space a warm and elegant look and lots of character. We suggest a rustic-inspired design.

It’s easy to design a rustic bathroom if you look for inspiration in the nature that surrounds it. Focus on using natural materials and colors and don’t try to hide the imperfections. They’re the elements that give the space character.

If possible, consider incorporating wooden logs into the bathroom’s interior design. There are ways to replicate the look without using real logs but the effect wouldn’t be the same. Also, if you look at this bathroom you’ll also notice a really cool and unique washbasin.

This bathroom is strikingly simple and this gives it a contemporary allure. However, there’s also an obvious rustic influence in its design visible in the use of wood and these wonderful textured tiles which match the stone countertop.

A rustic bathroom doesn’t have to be dark and enclosed entirely in wood. If you prefer a more open and fresh design strategy, perhaps you should consider a zen bathroom decor with only a few rustic hints and a focus on pure and organic elements.

There are many different ways in which you can incorporate natural stone and wood into a bathroom’s interior design. One option can be a natural stone tub which you can complement with a set of stone stone steps. An easier option would be a stone wall.

Consider creating a cozy seating nook in one of your bathroom’s corners. This one blends in perfectly, being a natural extension of the stone wall and blending nicely with the wood logs. The rustic charm of the space also comes from the little things like the textile rug or those fluffy pillows.

The rustic influence is also visible in the case of this bathroom. The smooth linoleum flooring is a nice touch and so is that unique washbasin. Further more, the curtain and the accent chair create a very comfortable ambiance.

This chalet bathroom has more than enough rustic charm but even so it manages to also give out a modern vibe. The wooden tub and the fireplace make an extraordinary combo but let’s not ignore that goatskin rug or those massive wooden beams either.

The lighting is important for setting the desired mood or highlighting key elements of an interior design. LED light strips create a cozy ambiance in this bathroom while also highlighting the beauty of the stone walls.

This bathroom does a really great job at bringing the outdoors in. The built-in tub is pretty cool plus the window frames a great view which becomes a part of the room’s decor. Thanks to that strategically-placed flower vase, it actually seems as if the landscape physically enters the room.

A rustic decor is usually associated with the color brown, partially because there’s usually a lot of wood involved. You can mix it up a little up and also add some tones of beige and some white for a crisp and clean contrast.

Speaking of crisp contrasts, this rustic bathroom definitely knows how to make the most of that. The palette of materials and colors is very simple and limited to only a few neutrals, wood and glass plus the usual metal and ceramic accents and yet there’s a lot going on here.

There’s a lot to think about when designing a bathroom. First of all, the layout has to be practical and you need make sure there’s sufficient natural and artificial light in the room plus to ensure a pleasant ambiance. Everything has to be in sync with the style you’ve chosen.

A distinct possibility is to mimic the outdoors as accurately as possible. In the case of a bathroom, that can mean a lot of things, including a freeform tub made of stone, an indoor garden, a sink sculpted out of a boulder and all sorts of unique elements all inspired by nature. The concept of style doesn’t really have any meaning in this case.

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