Romantic Elopement With The Views Of The Eiffel Tower

Just in case you need any more reason to plan a romantic elopement in the City of Light, Greg Finck has come to the rescue. Together with Rime Arodaky and Harold James, he crafted inspiration for the perfect Parisian wedding. It includes lots of lace, a dash of bubbly and the most gorgeous views of the Eiffel Tower. Take a little trip to the prettiest spot on the planet through the lens of a master.

We are following a Parisian couple the day of their wedding, from their private apartment in the VIIth district of Paris (hence that amazing view of the Eiffel Tower), to their wedding ceremony, and back at the apartment for an intimate celebration with champagne on their rooftop. The aim of this editorial is to emphasize the beauty of getting married or eloping in Paris. The story highlights some breathtaking views of the City, and is embellished by Chaumet’s amazing jewelry, and Rime Arodaky’s stunning dresses.

I love the lace applique night gown – it’s maxi and with half sleeves though very sheer and only appliques prevent from seeing everything, so playful! The short textural wedding dress with a ruche edge and a cutout back looks very chic and Parisian-style. The second wedding dress was with a side slit and a lace applique bodice, long sleeves and an open back. The third look was super fashionable – it was a bridal separate with a lace applique and bead crop top and a full high low skirt – looks just wow!

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