Roman hairstyle: history and styling

Roman hairstyles are unique and are definitely feminine. Many women prefer Roman styling as festive hairstyles.

The types and style of Roman hairstyles – in today’s article.
The Roman hairstyle always involves a romantic touch, this means that this kind of styling should be based on the curls or small curls.

Римская прическа: история и укладки

This not only gives hairstyle Flirty notes, but adds additional volume.
The types of Roman hairstyles

Braid with a headband

The original Greek braids resembled something in the form of the crest of the helmet of the Roman military commanders. At that time women wore short hairstyles, meticulously collected either in a knot or a braid. And the braids were small in size and often intertwined.

Women of the Roman Empire looked very strict and stiff. At the same time in Ancient Rome, the actual had long braids of hair woven into three strands and secured around the bandage fabric. Thus, Roman women were created a long and voluminous tresses, which were an essential attribute of Royal style.

Римская прическа: история и укладки

Hair cold wave

Despite the fact that hair «cold wave» became known to us as a reflection of the style of 20-ies, the style noted that it appeared much earlier. Roman women hairstyles created called tutulus, which represent multiple curls. The hair shut on the type of Russian headdress, with an emphasis on the frontal part of the head. The rest of the hair looked very neat and feminine, it was used as an everyday hairstyle. It was important to add hair original headband or a small metal circlet (ring).

Римская прическа: история и укладки

Beam with curls and without

Hair bundle was a reflection of the style of Roman women. In ancient times, the women pulled hair into a tight knot, and made a voluminous cushion of the hair in bangs, which was called nodus. The beam was collected in the middle of the head and combined it with braids and curls.

Braid around the head

One of the most popular Roman hairstyles included braids around the head. This hairstyle got the name of the spit basket. It consisted of many small braids, woven together. Fastened the braids around the head, creating the effect of a woven basket. This hairstyle is often used at weddings, and on top of that Roman women wore a shawl flammeum (orange veil, which symbolized chastity).

Римская прическа: история и укладки

Curls with a knot at the nape

Hairstyle curls up in a Roman execution was a steep curls. This hairdo on short hair was like a helmet. But as long hairstyles was used high styling in the style of «tower». Part of the curls gathered above the forehead, forming a high roller. This hairstyle is often used by wives of military commanders, and royalty. In addition, the curls were fashionable braid in a knot.

This hairstyle is visually reminiscent of the curls with a small beam. By the way, many Roman women complemented one oblique curls, plaited at the ends.

Short hairstyle with a braid at the nape

Women with short hair created a Perm with small curls, which was made to braid it in one braid, and it was located in the middle of the head. Some women wore a braid at the ends. In addition, short hair Roman women were often hidden in the fine mesh, thereby creating a single hairstyle.

Hairstyles of braids

Hairstyle with many braids were very popular in Ancient Rome. Roman women wore 6-8 braids with ribbons, and then wove them into one. This presentation was used by girls at weddings and ceremonies.

Hair accessories

Do not forget that a full-fledged Roman hairstyle involves additional accessories for hair. Hairstyle in Roman style can be accented with mesh and metallic details. Roman women used metal tiaras and rings, hoops and headbands made of cloth and pearls and wreaths.

Римская прическа: история и укладки

Many Roman women hid their hair and used wigs. Other, despite all the prohibitions of coloring hair, using herbs and natural colours, giving the hair the desired shade.

Most Roman hairstyles similar to the helmet of a Roman soldier. They visually resemble a single monolithic structure, with a feminine base. Flirty notes of Roman hairstyles attached braids and curls, and, of course, hair accessories.

Modern hairstyle in Roman style became more universal. Most stylists agree that the modern Roman styling got more volume, actual volume bouffant and a complete lack of cushion on the front of the head.

Who does not know the names of the Roman goddesses – Athena, Aurora, Venus?! These goddesses were all struck by his intelligence, wisdom and unearthly beauty.

For a long time, beauty industry in ancient Rome was influenced by Greece, it concerned, including hairdressing. It was very popular to have short and finely curled hair.

In Imperial Rome hair has found a second life. However, as in Greece, it was fashionable to wear wigs. But it was wigs blonde long hair, later in fashion again came in short haircuts.
Over time wealthy Roman women have perfected the hairstyles. Hair began to curl into long curls, clipping them into special semi-circular (around the head) frame.

Sometimes it was done in tiers, creating the effect of an amphitheater on the head. The back of her hair plaited into a braid and laid neatly on his head. It was fashionable to comb very curly hair creating lush volume.

Later rude and overly large form was revised by experienced hairdressers and Roman hairstyles become more discreet and careful in nature. It was laid curls, bleached with a special solution, the secret of which is still not solved.

More rich class adorned the hair of precious stones, beads, and others used fabric wraps.

It should be noted that Roman hairstyles were not supplemented with bangs. May have played a role, the influence of the Church. But still the Roman fashionista managed to create your hairstyle, even a discreet, but very elegant and gentle.

The hair in the Roman style will suit almost every girl. Curl your hair in curls, neatly stacked them using the studs on the back and «voila», ready!

This is perfect for a wedding celebration. The final step is the decoration of a strand of pearls or the use of Bobby pins in the shape of flowers. Try not to use hairsprays and mousses. So your strands will be soft to the touch and natural in appearance.

Dear ladies, remember that the best decoration will only healthy hair! Experiment and be healthy!

The anniversary of a relative, the wedding have friends and a romantic dinner…

In every woman’s life there is a night when she wears a beautiful dress and makes an elegant hairstyle. Styling with curls suitable for any event. What formal hairstyles curls can be done for a special occasion?

A great option formal hair styling are the hairstyles in the Greek style. The front part of the hair and backcomb slightly and push forward. Curly hair with a Curling iron hair flowing curls, taking sides. Styling to strengthen paint and decorate the pins with artificial flowers.

Usual hairstyle «beam» can be transformed in the evening with curls, if you make the beam from the side and pull the individual strands, putting them in graceful curls. Can be decorated with a thin ribbon.

Another hairstyle for long hair. Separate all the hair from the top, except for the bangs. Wound on their rollers, and the hair below the nape of the neck wound with forceps in the form of a spiral. Then you have to fluff them into smaller curls. The hair is wound on curlers, partial hands into small strands, making easy fleece inside and laid back. Tighten up bangs and stacked arbitrarily. Strengthen hair lacquer.

Straight smooth hair laid «cold waves» freely falling from the middle of the face, — a beautiful and stylish hairstyle for the evening.

For those who have short hair, suitable styling in the «retro style». It is made from the roots of the hair and especially looks good on haircut «caret».

A variety of clips, bows, wraps quite superfluous for this case, but, the main decoration of evening hairstyles can be properly Packed, beautiful curls.