This project is the Renovated almost 30 years old Town-house . when we got this building the condition is so bad. The house itself have settlement about 30cm from front to back. And 1st floor and 2nd floor Beam’s Structure is failed. They have a crack mark on its. And we also foundation is failed also. We decide to keep only structure and repaired to make sure that its will not have more Problem in the future. And we also design iron structure to support the concrete structure like and X- Brace to make the structure more rigid.
The concept of the house is to make the house to a new look for the Space and
Facade. decide to Brake the wall on the side of the house to make space more connected to outside. We re-do the boundary wall to be the iron net look alike for vine to Grow. To cover the house by green view due the limit Land area. And for the façade we use more glass façade to make space look more bigger and for the allowed natural lights to come in.
Main Entrance we design a Corten Steel folding Door for the entrance . And for the interior we want to create a flow space from front to back. We only have 1dining room for the first floor and its can open to connected to the living and pantry area . And the wall of living room we decide to remove a Plasterer wall to reveal the existing Bridge to keep the Story for the House.
For the Stair We want to have a very thin stair case . So we design a Corten steel folding stair hang from above to create different feeling for other steel structure that in grey color. For the 2nd floor We redesign the space . Extend the room to the existing corridor and use the light weight material for the 2nd floor area . We have 2 rooms one is Bedroom and the other is gathering space .

In gathering space we design a 4m. big rotating Windows that can rotate near 90 degree operate by manual. And also Space for putting the Owner’s Collectible and gathering sapce

For the bed-room we design a 45 sqm space include toilet and walk-in closet space together to make the Room space more comfortable we combine the working /living /Relax space together

Dining room
Living room
lving room
Working area