Officially, fall is here, but I have no intention of tackling the seasonal clothes change and wardrobe reorganization just yet! I always try to do that on weekends, because I like to thoroughly go through the clothes and see what things we’ll continue using, which ones’ lives can be prolonged by a quick (and most often) whimsical refashion, and which ones are to be taken to the Red Cross. 
Hence, weeks before that I like to scour for ideas on the Internet, and these are my latest finds. So I’ll just let these ideas slowly simmering in my head. 
I liked the above sweater refashion (via) because you can alter any shortened or crop sweater and make it longer, although I would not go with crochet motifs – rather use a more denser crochet panel. But that’s me. 

I also chose this one because adding the netted crochet is a brilliant touch and those ribbon embroidered flowers can be used if there are holes on the cardi as well as stains. Or maybe add them just for effect. The sewn collar makes the whole look complete.  

Having a soft spot for coats / jackets refashion, I picked this one and love how the owner has refashioned it with lace, embroidery and ribbons. A lovely little masterpiece. Via.


And there are amazing bell bottom jeans. If you have a worn out pair – glam them up with crochet. There is a free tutorial on youtube here.

Do you refashion your clothes? What pieces mostly?