Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимоThe red color catches the eye, it is bold and attractive. Things this color are brave women.

Buying red dress, you need to pick him the appropriate accessories, shoes, jewelry. How to do it we will tell in our article.

How to choose? A few tips.

Dress is chosen individually for every lady considering her skin color, eyes and hair. Girls with light eyes and pale skin, the bright red color is not suitable. Against the background of rich colors, they will look pale toadstools. So ladies suit dresses crimson or dark red.

To skin warm shade most suitable products in the colour Bordeaux, crimson and pomegranate, carrot and Magenta. Girls with slutty looks suitable clothes bright red color.

Brunettes, girls with dark skin, should choose dresses purple, wine or ash shade.

Red unwittingly attracts the eye. The lady, dressed in a red dress, causing the attention from men. She becomes the center of attention at a party, at prom, at a corporate event.

Who is suitable for?

So, you have decided on the color of the clothes, it remains only to choose the right style. Slender women will fit any models of dresses. Well flattering fitted silhouette of the product. So ladies can you recommend a short red dress with a simple cut, perhaps with a cut out back, slit on the back or on the sides.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимоSheath dress can wear fat or thin women and girls. The cut of the product allows to hide all the flaws: full waist, disproportionate figure. Full women should wear clothes dyed in cooler colors: wine, dark maroon. Draping at the waist will help to conceal the extra folds of fat and trim around neckline and at bust will distract the attention.

What to wear under the red dress?

Clothes red wear every day, wear it to a business meeting or a party. If the dress is worn on an interview or business dinner, you should choose a simple style of clothing. The red dress a good black blazer, a neat handbag or clutch, high-heeled shoes or boots. At the meeting you should not wear lots of jewelry. Just one modest ring chain, and not interfere with wrist watch.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимо
Another thing, if you are in a hurry for a party or corporate meeting. In this case, you can dress a little brighter. Instead of the black of the jacket to be draped over the shoulder bright stole, and the neck to decorate large beads. It is appropriate to wear jewelry.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимо
To explore the city, too, can wear a red dress. It is better to combine with a jacket, a leather jacket.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимо

How to choose accessories and shoes under the red dress?

The clothes of this color itself is bright and flashy, but skillfully selected jewelry, accessories and shoes will make the set more harmonious. Should not be abused jewelry. Enough gold or silver chains, earrings or rings. This product is ideal jewelry with bright red stones: garnet and ruby. This shade is good to combine jewelry and accessories light pink color, warm Golden tones.

[note]If the dress is worn in summer, then it should choose white shoes, jewelry and accessories in the same shade.[/note]

In the autumn of the year clothing red good:

    Brown boots and a belt a light shade of brown.

As decorations you can use earrings or pendant with black stones:

    Amber, Jasper and Topaz; tiger eye; cat eye.

Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимоGoes well with red ornament of pearls. Small necklace and earrings, white shoes and belt will give your image of mystery and elegance.

[note]If you want to Supplement the kit with a scarf, stole or shawl, they must contain elements of red or white.[/note]

In autumn and winter and all the ladies wear tights, they have to be able to get close to the dress. In the cold season wear tight jewelry in bright or dark colors. Ate dress designed for everyday wear, you can pick up the stockings or tights with a pattern, glitter or jewelry. For a business meeting choose a product a modest, monochromatic tones.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимоInteresting combination of red and white like a lot of ladies. With a red dress, you can wear white tights, black shoes or boots, white coat or fur vest. This style of clothing is most suitable for young girls.

How to wear a long dress?

These products are made to order, wear them on special occasions: celebration, wedding or anniversary. Some dresses have a long train, original cut, decorated with precious materials.

Long dress red colors do not require a large amount of jewelry. Enough to wear a thin gold chain, a brooch or a ring. It is necessary to wear black or dark red shoes with high heels.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимо
More strict and restrained in style dress with long sleeves. It is made of thin silk or guipure, airy and elegant. Such models typically complements a small handbag, a gold bracelet, modest earrings with red stone. To him pick up the high-heel shoes dark red or black.
Красное платье — как выглядеть неотразимо