Recycled Quilt Dress

I’ve had this quilt for awhile now, my mom bought my sister and I both one for our freshman year of college. It was such a beautiful floral quilt with vintage inspired hankies sewn together that I kept all these years just because I loved the prints so much. My son kind of inherited it the last couple of years, he will literally keep a quilt till it’s falling apart. Honestly by accident this dress was created. I was waiting on my fabric to come for this off-the-shoulder dress pattern McCall’s M6558 and I decided to use the quilt as a sample material. I was in a creative mood on this sunny Saturday afternoon so I just started making the dress. It was a process re-sewing the parts together since half the quilt was falling apart. Some of the pieces that were torn in half are the top and bottom ruffle. I’ll hem it up a bit so I can actually wear it, but for the photos I wanted it really long. I domlove how it turned out and what a fun spring look. With the additional fabric I made a matching purse. Okay a little extra, but why not? I couldn’t help but giggle when we were taking the photos as cars passed by in this little Georgia town built in 1895.

See the before below:

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