I haven’t updated anything about my life to you guys for a long time. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you guys what happened to me for the past few weeks! I’ve been SUPER SUPER sick for the last week! I’ve never been that sick before! Having fever for more than a week is something abnormal (I know right!). I went to hospital last week and thought would be hospitalised haha. Because I lot of my friends told me to go to hospital to check to see what really happened. Not gonna lie, I was extremely disappointed at the doctor at the hospital! Long story short, as I ate pandals every day to prevent myself from having fever, the fever symptom actually disappeared on that day! Therefore, he didn’t really ask me to check anything even though I told him I was having a fewer for more than 5 days! I waited at the hospital for more than 6 hours and then the doctor just gave me some usual medicines that I can get from the normal clinic! It’s really frustrating! Anyway, I think I was infected with a disease called “Influenza”. The reason behind this disease was because my cousin and my aunt were infected with “Influenza”. After meeting them and sharing food with them(I know it’s so stupid lol), I felt super sick! My mum actually infected with “Influenza” as well. Therefore, I’m quite sure I infected with it even though I didn’t have body check.
Luckily, I felt much better now! Therefore, I went to take some pictures immediately! After a week of suffering, I actually lost some weight lol. Some of my friends that I haven’t meet for a month told me I looked so thin and super sick! Anyway, I still feel a bit tired! Even though I think I did recover, I still feel like running out of energy which is super weird. I still have a cough though. Perhaps I need to see a doctor one more time? Haha. I actually saw doctors for three times already! Therefore, it’s so costly!! If I still have a cough after a few days, I’ll definitely go to see doctor again for sure! 

I was wearing
Shirt – c/o Sammydress
Jacket – Zara
Pants – GU
Slip-on – GU

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