Have you ever wished for a sweater or dress that was faithful to the curves of your body? It would indeed be a great comfort to be able to trust that a dress would fit just right whether you feel a bit bloated or have lost a bit of weight. Well, there are some options like that and one of those is a rib knit. The reason we mention it here and not all the other stretchy and well-fitting fabrics is because this one fits well without being too tight or too loose which can be a big comfort when you don’t want to be seen in clothing that will make you look bulgy or bulky. We are sure that all of you must have some just so right and so comfortable jersey knit dresses hidden in the back of the wardrobe waiting to be worn when the weather is right and the occasions calls for it.






Today there is a big advantage for all of us when it comes knit clothing because not only do they come in wool but also other lighter threads which ensure that you can wear such outfits beyond the winter months too. You only need to look at natural looking knitwear outfit ideas for women to know what we are talking about. In fact, we can see that knitwear is gaining popularity and there are different knitwear fashion trends to follow this season if that is the way you are inclined.






If you are wondering what is a rib knit, then we give you a simple definition and this will be easier to understand for those who know how to knit. In knitting, there are two kinds of stitches one being the knit and the other purl. The rib knit is formed by alternating the purl and knits in equal numbers in most instances. Which means that two stitches are straight (knit) and two in reverse (purl). This is the one that creates the rib pattern. And the best part of a rib pattern is that it is the same when viewed in the reverse though the knit would become the purl and the purl the knit when seen in reverse.






The rib knit done lengthwise is often recommended for those women who want to look slimmer than they are. Because though the knit and purls are in the same color, they form a subtle perpendicular stripe which draws the eye lengthwise and makes you look slimmer. In the same way if you want to look curvier, the you can go for horizontal rib knit. Today it is indeed fortunate that we do not need to learn to knit in case we want to wear a rib knit dress. There are machines that produce this fabric with ease and that too in cottons, wools, polyester and various blended threads.





You will find that clothing manufacturers have been smart enough to get the rib knit fabric in many different thread types including the really metallic looking ones that make it just right for party wear. Rib knit dresses also come in handy when you want to get dressed fast and want to get undressed equally fast. This is because they have this slight stretch that makes it easy to fit in and get out of. Of course you will have to take care to ensure that you pick the right colors and patterns for your coloring and body type to ensure that you get a flattering silhouette.





We have given several pictures of rib knit dresses here for you to get an idea of what we are talking about.

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