We’re all familiar with rattan, although sometimes we think it’s one and the same as wicker. But the material we now associate with cozy furniture is actually full of surprises. The term rattan, for instance, defines more than 600 species of climbing palms and a lot of them are in fact more similar to lianas than to actual wood. Rattan has slender stems and doesn’t grow like a tree but more like a vine, also being a bit similar to bamboo from certain points of view.

The term has evolved to define anything made specifically from the rattan plant. The material is preferred by the wicker manufacturers because of its increased strength and durability compared to reeds and other fibers. Wicker, on the other hand, is the product resulted from weaving rattan, cane, willow, raffia and other natural materials. These are first cut into strips, dried and often soaked in water to become more flexible, after which they’re woven into wicker.

A pair of wicker chairs can look lovely in a dining area, around an intimate table with a round top
Wicker started out as a basket weaving technique and it’s being used for that even today
Wicker baskets are appreciated for their artisanal nature, being sometimes associated with the rustic style
Rattan furniture is often associated with outdoor spaces and decors although it can also fit nicely indoors
Modern interiors can accommodate rattan furniture easily given its casual and airy character
Wicker furniture can fit nicely in coastal decors or beach homes with an airy and breezy feel
The wam nature of rattan contrasts with the cool blue and white tones resulting in a balanced look
You can customize your rattan furniture with all sorts of cushions and accent pillows
Even though it’s so lightweight, wicker furniture is actually very sturdy and durable

Modern wicker was initially developed as a basket weaving technique. In time, it evolved into furniture. By the 17th century, in Northern Europe, wicker looked a lot like it does today. The trend soon spread all over the world and became as popular and as common as it is today. Then, in the mid 19th century it reached the United States where it was quickly industrialized and mass-produced.

You can use wicker chairs to make a dining area feel more inviting and comfortable
Similarly, wicker bar stools can be really comfortable and can enhance the decor of the space
There are various types of weaving techniques when it comes to wicker furniture, each with its own charm
You don’t have to go all wicker. You can casually insert a wicker chair amongst others in your dining room
Of course, nobody can deny that rattan lounge chairs or rocking chairs are extremely cozy and comfortable

Synthetic wicker was then invented, also in the US. This allowed it to become more durable and resistant to weather and pests. Modern wicker is usually made from rattan and it’s really versatile. In fact, rattan furniture can fit in nearly any interior, also being very popular outdoors. It’s appreciated for its casual and airy appearance, usually being associated with manual labor and unique hand-crafted designs.

Other interesting designs use wicker in ways that impress visually, which is what a lot of modern homes need
Are they large baskets or are they a sort of cozy nest chairs? Well, you can decide that for yourself
This is a wicker version of a pedestal chairs, with a design that makes the most of the material’s flexible nature
Put hairpin legs on a cozy rattan chair like this one and the combination will look stylish and elegant
If rattan furniture isn’t your style, maybe a few smaller accents would suit your home decor
Casually place a wicker basket in the corner of your bedroom or living room to store extra pillows or blankets
You can also use wicker baskets to store your fruits and veggies or to organize your kitchen
Display two or more rattan furniture pieces or accessories together to highlight their beauty
If you want, you can even find wicker trays which you can use when organizing small items or for your planters
This sort of wicker furniture is pretty classic and always used with comfortable seat and back cushions
Some pieces of rattan furniture are actually very sleek and easy to integrate in modern interior decors
Some designers also created rattan shades for pendants and chandeliers
Go back in time and enjoy peaceful moments in a cozy rattan rocking chair like grandma used to have
Synthetic wicker is weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor use
Take advantage of the unique aesthetic appeal or rattan baskets and trays to make your home feel cozier
You can be creative and repurpose a bunch of rattan baskets as covers for your planters
Use rattan chairs in combination with a glass-top table to create a contrasting and striking look
Can you just imagine how cozy this combo would be if placed in a reading corner?

Rattan and wicker furniture can also be quite refined. There are plenty of iconic designs that inspired the world. You can always consider this option when it comes to furnishing an outdoor space such as a deck, a terrace or a garden or backyard. Of course, you can also bring rattan furniture indoors where it would have a casual character. It would be an opportunity for you to think outside the box and to achieve a cozy and inviting ambiance in an unusual and intriguing way.

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