Rainy Rustic Wedding With Lots Of Personal Touches

Trina and Jessica wanted their wedding to be rustic, honest and personal so did a lot of DIY projects and picked Trina’s parent’s home as their venue.

Every aspect of the wedding was personal, from homemade signs for the tables and mum-in-law planting flowers around the house, to relatives making our bar and chuppa. Even the caterer was a friend of the family, and it made the wedding very special.

One of the brides was wearing a sleeveless illusion bodice fitting dress in ivory, and the second girl was rocking a white V-neck top and a maxi black skirt. Both brides were showing off their tattoos for a cool look, and they really looked awesome.

Although they planned for an outdoor ceremony, it rained heavily meaning they had to move it into the marquee. However despite the weather, the ceremony was the couple’s favorite part of the day. The couple did a lot of DIY projects for their wedding to make it personal to them and to save money.

They had a strict budget for the wedding so a lot of the things they could make or do themselves they did. They also were extremely fortunate and had an incredibly crafty and talented support network willing to write chalkboard signs, make sangria, and build a bar! Having a wedding at home also cut out the cost of a venue which was great. Their biggest expense in the end was hiring things.

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