rainbow raincloud costume

Here’s a fun sibling or friend costume to try this year: a rainbow and raincloud! We all need a little sunshine in our lives. All you need are a few basics pieces, craft felt and mini balloons. Here’s how to put it together…

rainbow raincloud costume

To collect:   Grey leggings and shirt, white leggings and shirt c/o Primary Clothing, craft felt in rainbow colors, ribbon, small white balloons, small grey balloons, brown paper bag.

To make: For the rainbow: Cut strips of felt in rainbow color, sew or hot glue together to make a long rainbow strip. Cut out 2 cloud shapes from the brown paper bag. Glue one on the bottom of the rainbow, and attach elastic to the other to make a cloud hat. Blow up and glue small white balloons onto the brown paper bag. Attach ribbon to the top of the rainbow to hang around the neck.

For the raincloud: Blow up grey balloons in various shapes and hand stitch to the grey shirt. Attach raindrops and a lightning bolt made from felt and string.

Bonus points: A yellow balloon for the sun

Favorite outtake above!

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