Girls at a younger age probably do not spend much time thinking of the kind of sleeves they should go with because when you are younger, your arms seem pretty fine to you. You tend to think of them in terms of whether they are waxed or not rather than how bulky they look. It only as you cross your teenage years (in most instances) does the way your arms look start bothering you and you start researching the kind of sleeves that would look the most flattering on you. The thing is, that in many instances, it is the way a particular sleeve makes you feel rather than the way it makes you look that makes you choose it. You can always look at different types of sleeves and some tips on what to pick, but you will still go with the feel good factor. Raglan sleeves are one such option that make you feel good and also look good.





What is a raglan sleeve? It is a sleeve that extends from the collar rather than at the shoulders, and also that it leaves a seam that starts at the underarm and cuts across the collarbone to reach the neck of your dress/top/ shirt. While you may feel that you are better off knowing all about sleeveless blazers and how to look smart while wearing them, what we have to tell you raglan sleeves will also thrill you. And the best factor to be added here about raglan sleeves is that it can be worn as captivating and cute cap sleeve dresses as well as long sleeved outfits. By now you must be getting a tad impatient with us and wondering what is it that makes raglan sleeves so much fun.





Here are some points that will prove that they are fun indeed not to mention flattering on most body types:

It is interesting: Sometimes it is good to veer away from the norm and try something that is not the usual and raglan sleeves can do that. They can take a simple t-shirt and make it more interesting and this is something that you will find a valuable thing to have up your sleeve (ha ha) when it comes to dressing up. Sometimes a woman has to add a subtle touch or two to make her outfit not so ordinary.





It works on narrow shoulders: The way a raglan sleeves works on the narrow shoulder is by ensuring that they look slightly broader than they are. In order to ensure that you create a visual impact like that, you have to ensure that the neck is high and the shoulder neck point is quite close to the neck. Also making the sleeve a bit shorter will add to the impact and make your shoulders look less petite and broader than they are.





It works on broad shoulders: The raglan sleeves work on broad shoulders by making them look less broad. For this to happen, you have to ensure that the neck is wide and a bit low and that the shoulder seams draw the eye away from that area. And wear tapered and mid length or long sleeves to accentuate the effect.





It reacts to fabric: Raglan sleeves can look bulkier or lighter depending on the kind of fabric you use for making the outfit. So use thinner fabric for broad shoulders and thicker for narrow shoulders to create an opposite effect.





Do look at the images we have given along with this article and let us know what you think of raglan sleeves and how you intend to style them.

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