What happens when you realize that your body is not the perfect shape or size that you wish it to be? This is a situation that unfortunately every woman and girl faces not because we are inferring that they have less than perfect bodies, because they think so. The minute a woman or girl assumes that her body is not as perfect as she wants it to be, it leads to a lot of soul searching and if you are lucky many ways of figuring how to work around this. If you are wondering what we are leading to, then let us break your suspense and end your wait by telling that we are going to be talking about ruched dresses in this article. Ruched dresses are those dresses that have a small gathering of seemingly random ruches or folds that give shape to the dress. These can be very helpful for women who want to hide the bulges that they feel that their body has. It not everybody who can wear bodycon dresses – for those who are conscious of having a rocking body.





The ruched dress is such a kind style especially for those who are conscious about the way their body looks that it should be included in the types of dresses every woman should know about. The ruched dress cannot but be compared to tantalizing tie waist for a trim look and the truth be told, they do have some similarities.





Here is how ruched dresses work to make you look better:

Adds an interesting angle: Sometimes even the most attractive dresses fail to make the mark of being interesting because they are too blah. The color and the cut may be great and the material exemplary but they still lack a certain something. Having a ruche or two at the right place can be a great way to give an otherwise conventional dress an interesting angle. Where you add the ruche would depend on which area of the your body you want to highlight or camouflage.





Enhances or hides a feature: Some of us are very conscious of having a waist that is not as trim as we want it to be or a bosom that is too small or too bounteous and so on. The ruche adds a vagueness to this area and can work at either enhancing or downplaying a certain area of your body as you wish to. It adds a classic look to even a simply cut and patterned dress.





Makes the hem look different: Some of us are a bit shy about wearing a dress with a short hemline but this can be combatted with the use of ruches. Often the hem can have an upward curve in the middle of the thighs to make it look different and at the same time making it look completely different. This can also be a classy way to show off your legs if that is what you intend when you are wearing a ruched dress.





Creates the illusion of curves: Curves – damned if we have them and damned if we don’t. Whether you fall under the category of too curved or too slim, the use of ruches can make a dress look better. The cinching of the waist with the use of ruches can make your tummy look less obvious if that is what you want. In case you feel that your bosom is too flat cinching just below this area with a few strategically placed ruches can make all the difference.





For your understanding of what we are saying, we have also added some relevant images.

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