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Everyone had to start somewhere! But who taught you your first stitch? Who talked you through your first Catherine wheel or helped you perfect that granny square? While learning to crochet is a lifelong pursuit (there’s always a new skill to polish), it’s wonderful to remember where it all started! Take our quiz and see if we can guess who taught you how to crochet…



For many, crochet is a craft that has been passed down from generation to generation. And what a wonderful skill to inherit! Grandparents have inspired many of us to pick up our crochet hook, and learn a timeless skill that’s we’ll treasure forever.


Home economics class was your stitch school, opening up a whole world of possibilities! A class that was fun and challenging you loved learning in a group and discovering new techniques, which you still use to this day!


A friend in need is a friend indeed, but a friend with hooks is better! Learning crochet from a friend is the perfect excuse to catch up while picking up a new stitch skill and share project ideas!  


With passion, curiosity and heaps of determination, you’re a self starter turned seasoned crocheter! Proven to boost mental health, relieve stress and build community – crochet is your favorite way to unleash your creativity and relax! Want to learn more techniques why not explore our collection of how-to video tutorials!


Whether you’re a daughter or a son, crochet reminds you of quality time with mom! Those of us who learnt to stitch with our mothers know that the true meaning of crochet isn’t just the finished project but the memories along the way!


We expect dad or a father figure was definitely the one got you hooked on crochet! Practical, useful, creative and inspiring, he taught you a life skill you’ll never forget and that you’ll pass on to the next generation!  

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