Lots of things need to be kept close at hand or put on display so they can be easily grabbed or so they can look lovely on the walls. That’s when wall hooks come into play. They’re extremely useful in a lot of situations such as when you want to hang an extra towel in the bathroom or in the kitchen or when you want to have a storage system for your coats at the entryway. As anyone knows, there’s an unlimited supply of wall hangers of all shapes, sizes and styles which makes the decision-making process pretty difficult.

You don’t have to be an expert in wall hooks to realize that the Mr and Mrs Clynk set is a very practical and versatile option for all sorts of spaces, settings and decors. Use them to hang towels, brooms, clothes, bags and pretty much anything else you can think of. The simple and practical design of the hooks makes them easy to install and to match to the surroundings. You can find the hooks in gray, black, cream, pink, blue and red.

Working with the Add+ modules is a lot like solving or creating a puzzle. There’s no standard configuration or selection of elements. You have to come up with your own idea and your own design and you can browse through the numerous types of modules and colors to create the image you have in mind. Create a unit that grows with your storage needs and add modules as you discover you want them in your home. Mix and match the colors you like and be creative.

If these wall hooks look like simple blocks of wood that’s because this is what they really are. The Parallelogram Hook is a block of ashwood with three askew cuts that create an optical illusion. The visual effect is an interesting and eye-catching one. The quirkiness is emphasized when several hooks are displayed together. You can get them in three different colors: blue, charcoal and natural wood.

Available in a selection of five attractive colors, the Seed Hook is ideal for a variety of different spaces and settings. They’re most practical in entryways thanks to their sturdy and strong construction and their smooth and rounded edges that protect the coats and accessories they hold. As far as the design specifications go, the hook is just a simple wall plate with the following dimensions: Length 4.5″, Width 8.25”, Height 3.5″. It’s made of ABS plastic and it comes in sets of three.

They’re simple but they’re also funky and this makes them interesting in a cool and attractive way. We’re talking about the Pirates Hooks which come in sets of three, each with a different and distinctive shape. The hooks are made of painted baltic birch and measure 8 cm x 8 cm regardless of the shape. You can get them in white, black and gray. They’re really versatile and you can use them to hang clothes, bags, baskets and lots of other things.

The hob-knob wall hooks/ pegs come in five different versions that gradually become slightly bigger in length and diameter. They’re installed separately meaning that you have full control of your wall hook arrangement. Use them to hang coats, bags, scarves and many more. Their versatile nature makes them a good fit for small entryways but also for playrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. The hooks are made of solid wood and they’re available with a natural finish or with a high-gloss lacquered top.

Like we mentioned before, wall hooks and hangers come in lots and lots of different forms, sizes, styles, colors and materials. You can be sure there’s always something out there that perfectly matches your decor. The hard thing is finding that particular design. For modern decors, the Merkled hooks are a pretty nice option. Their bent form keeps the design simple and versatile. Other settings might need something a bit different, such as a hanger made of reclaimed wood or something more ornate to match other accents in the room.

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