Pune Apartment Tour | India Airbnb Apartment Review

Pune Apartment Tour | India Airbnb Apartment Review

Come join us for a Pune Apartment Tour in India as we showcase our airbnb apartment. Pune was the official first destination of my trip to India with David and after driving all night long from Mumbai we finally arrived at roughly 6:30 AM. Instead of going to sleep and/or taking a nap we decided to just fight our fatigue and make a quick apartment review of our place in Pune, India.

AirBnB in Pune: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/16042321

David’s Been Here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Davidsbeenhere

What we loved most about this apartment in Pune was its location and spacious rooms, common areas and balcony. We had a fantastic 6 chair table out in the living room, plenty of couches and a terrace where we could chill and take in either sunrise or sunset with lots of greenery off in the distance. The Pune apartment featured two comfortable bedrooms, separate bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and large terrace. One of the best features was the tasteful artwork and photographs. It felt like a real apartment not something that is just setup for guests. The price was right at $40 USD a night and although we spent most of our time sightseeing in Pune we appreciated coming back to an apartment that was comfortable and safe.

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Pune Apartment Tour | India Airbnb Apartment Review Travel Video Transcript:

Welcome to our apartment in Pune, India. We will start off let’s go into the bedroom. If you look in here this is the like the ultimate vintage like retro Indian bedroom. Even the colors look vintage.

And then if you come over here to this closet I have no idea what is going on with these curtains. And then over here is a tiny little desk.
Then in here is the bathroom. We’ve got a small toilet.

Some hand wash, a small little sink. A shower but up top I believe is where we get the hot water from and we have no idea how to work it. And so I think I’m just going to be having a cold shower because it is really hot and humid in Pune.

It is actually fairly spacious for a kitchen. Especially an airbnb kitchen. The kitchen is fully equipped. You’ve got like a grill and a sink over here.

There is some cool pictures decorating the wall. And if you come over here this is one of my favorite parts of the apartment. Nice big living room. And you’ve got like a 6 chair table which is amazing. We’re using it as a work space but it would be great for dining as well.

And then yeah I’ll show you this part over here which is kind of cool. There is a couple of couches. If you wanted to entertain in this apartment like you could have a few guests over.

If you go out here this is the balcony. And I love this terrace. Like imagine watching sunrise or sunset from here. You’ve got the birds chirping. Just chilling out lying down there.

And then as we come over here you get views of some of the other apartments but you also get a lot of views of trees. This is a really green city.

So like the location is just awesome. It is outstanding. And that leaves us with just one more bedroom to check out. We’ll go back in here.

Check out that bedroom. And then in here the bedroom. Um again this is basically almost an exact replica of the other room.

Well dude I’ve got you to thank for getting this place. You picked it out. No problem. You did an awesome job. What are some of the features you like the most?

I mean what I love the most is the terrace. I’d say second is I love this living room. Very spacious, you know super chill. You could come with your family and relax. Like I said before I mean this is like a place to come and stay more than one or two nights.

That is our room tour from Pune, India and we will have more food and travel videos be sure to subscribe to both of our channels. David’s Been Here and Samuel and Audrey. We’ll see you the next time.

This is part of our Travel in India video series showcasing Indian food, Indian culture and Indian cuisine.

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