We don’t know about you but many of us have gone to schools where we were supposed to wear a uniform that consisted of a plain shirt with collar, a dark colored skirt with pleats and buckled shoes along with white socks. In those days, our constant promise to ourselves was that once we got out of the confines of the school we would never wear anything with any kind of pleats on them. But as we grow up we discover that pleats are a lot more attractive and if you are smart, you can look really good in pleated dresses and that too in a prim and proper way. Which brings us to the point that you can look pretty and perfect as a picture with pleated skirts or dresses with pleats on them.





In fact, there are 2016 edition pencil midi skirt outfits to look attractive but this may be possible only if you have a really trim body but that is not the case with pleats.





Just think of those crisp crinkle dresses to make you feel cool and casual and you will get the point we are trying to make about pleated dresses giving your body a better look at times.





And if you had any misgivings, we give you some tips on the kind of pleats you should go with so that you can get rid of those doubts too:

If you have fuller hips and thighs: You need to look for dresses that have fitted bands that flare to give you shape with inverted pleats or knife pleats and that too in the middle to add shape without bulking the hips. Avoid box pleats that start at the waist so that you have a trimmer look.





If you have a big tummy: It is good to have bias pleats on the torso to make the waistline look a bit vague and then add orderly pleats below so that you draw the eye there and divert from the problem area which is the tummy.





If you have a big bust line: In case you want to draw the eye away from your big bosom, the best thing to do is add box pleats to the hip area to create a hourglass illusion and create a more flattering body shape.



In case you have a straight figure: You can create a definition to the waist with some pleats running from the neck to the waist and then cinching it at this area to only go on to have bigger plaits in the hip area. This will make your body look more curvaceous than it is.



These are just some simple tips that will help you pick out the right kind of pleated dress for your body shape. But please note that side pleats or box pleats require you to make sure that you have the dress is well ironed so that it falls neatly and does not spoil the lines of the dress. If you are afraid of looking too boxy, ensure that the pleated dress that you pick up does not use too heavy or too thick a fabric. This way you will ensure that you look smart without appearing too bulky. The thing that you will appreciate about dresses with pleats is that they allow you to move around freely but without making you too look bulky. But to do that, you will have to be smart in your choice of the type of pleats and the material and follow the tips we have given above. Do let us know what you think.

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