Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016You guys! You guys! You guys! 

I am so embarrassed because I was searching through the archives for this post, and I realized I never posted it! Haha. 

When Alyssa Rosenheck photographed my home for domino, this was the first time our bedroom was photographed in its current state. It’s really close to where we want it to be. It’s light, airy, simple and relaxing. 

Sources: Painting/Teil Duncan, Console Table/All Modern, Tray/Schoolhouse Electric, Wall Planters/West Elm

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016   This really is my dream bedroom. I regret zero choices we’ve made in here, which is pretty much a first for me. I think it helped that we designed it to be really chill and a good place to sleep and that’s pretty much it. Originally I was afraid it would be kind of a boring room, and then it surprised me and turned out to be a favorite. And do you remember what it looked like before??? 

I seriously ordered this chandelier the week it came out. It’s just such a dream (and so affordable!), I think it went into my shopping cart the moment it came up on the website. It was one of the last rooms I swapped (and we went without any light up there for several months). Good things come to those who wait, I guess! 

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016 Sources: Bed/Room & Board, Chandelier/West Elm, Ceiling Medallion/Amazon, Pom Tassel Curtains/Anthropologie, Fiber Art (above bed)/DIY, Painting (left)/by my amazing mom—Elizabeth Chapman, Painting(right)/Teil Duncan, Rattan Chair/Shop Candelabra, Pink Bullet Planter/Hip Haven, Bed Cover/Anthropologie, Pink Sheepskin/Amazon, Bench/Amazon (we painted the legs gold), Blue Pillow/The Vintage Rug Shop, Area Rug/Amazon. (Haha—now you know my secret—ALWAYS check Amazon for price comparisons. Sometimes you can find crazy good deals there.) 

Want to hear a funny story about this bed? My parents bought it for me almost ten years ago. It’s a queen size, and I love it. I moved almost every year all through my twenties and squeezed this big metal bed frame into some tiny, very awkward apartment bedrooms in the past. We almost got a new one when we moved because we wanted to try a lower bed (because of our dogs and their delicate little backs—that’s why the bench is there now). But then we were going over budget in all kinds of areas. So we decided to keep it, and we painted it white to match our new vibes. Then I fell MADLY in love with it again. So much love. And then, after we moved, we needed a new mattress, so we invested in an organic one. Everything was absolutely perfect. Until we went on a trip to Palm Springs last month and slept in king size beds all week. And Jeremy (the man who never asks for anything, especially things that cost $$$$) says we should change to a king size bed. Sigh. (I told him maybe next year.)

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016  Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016  Still loving our DIY IKEA dresser. Originally we had a mirror up there but realized that with our bathroom with double mirrors right in our room, we didn’t need it. So instead I opted for a gigantic Max Wanger print from Urban Outfitters. Love it so much! 

Found that salt lamp at Home Goods. The pretty brass hand is Jonathan Adler from Lulu & Georgia

Elsie's Bedroom ©AlyssaRosenheck2016    That’s all, you guys! Hope you enjoyed these peeks into our master bedroom. And if you have any advice for us, whether for or against the king bed situation, we’d love to hear your thoughts! xx -Elsie

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck.