We are a big Halloween family here at our house — not quite so much in decorating as in dressing up! We love doing a themed family group costume every year. However, we… meaning I… am a big procrastinator so even though our costumes always turn out pretty awesome, it’s always down to the wire. (You can see our past family group costumes here.) And if there’s a party before October 31st, we might have to have an alternate simpler costume since I’ll still be sewing or gluing ours together… So today for our October collaboration with our sponsors at Canon, we put together some super easy printable last minute Halloween costumes for individuals, couples, families, or other groups. Basically, fellow procrastinators: welcome to Remodelaholic, where we love you and we hope you enjoy your stay… before you run off to that party with your new printable costume!

Free Printable Last Minute Costume Ideas @Remodelaholic

6+ Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Individuals, Couples, or Groups

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We have 6+ options, for when you need a quick and easy costume for a work party or school party, or for those “emergencies” when your child informs you that this party in an hour is supposed to be a costume party and you don’t have a costume yet! We shared a few quick costume ideas here using things you might have around the house already, but these printable costumes are even EASIER! And they printed up beautifully on our Canon PIXMA TS9020. All of these printable costumes require just a solid color shirt you likely have in your closet already and some paper in the printer. You can print them on plain paper or something thicker like cardstock or Canon’s matte photo paper, or you can take it up a notch and use sticker paper instead! We have options that work for singles, couples, or whole groups of friends or families, too — so no matter what your costume-slacker situation, we commiserate and we have you covered!

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (4)

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Printable Last Minute Costume #1: Customizable Scrabble TilesEasy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (7)

The first page of our last minute printable Halloween costumes printable pack is a blank Scrabble tile with a fillable field so you can choose your own letters, and our designer even gave you a cheat sheet at the bottom so you know the scoring value of each tile. Make some teen tech speak like our models, or spell BOO, or anything else you can think of. (Aside from Halloween, this could also be really cute and easy for a wedding or baby announcement — spell B-O-Y or G-I-R-L, saying congratulations, or anything like that, too, either on your shirts or hung on a string as a decoration!)

Note: If you have trouble with the fillable fields, make sure that you are opening the file in Adobe Reader and not in your browser’s PDF viewer. 

Printable Last Minute Costume #2: (Mad) Scientist

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (6)

On page 2 of the printable pack, you’ll find easy printable scientist gear, which could also double as a zany disguise! Print one of two mustache styles or a beard, pick a bow tie, and don’t forget to type your name in the customizable scientist badge before printing! Then just cut them out, attach with a bit of tape or string, and you’re good to go! Add a button-up white shirt or lab coat, old sunglasses with the lenses popped out, or a mad scientist wig if you have one around.

Printable Last-Minute Costume #3: Operation Game

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (8)

Print and cut out the “ailments” on page 3 of the printable pack to turn yourself into Cavity Sam — that’s right, the patient in the classic Operation Game has a name, did you know? Pin or tape the funny bone, broken heart, adam’s apple, and more onto tan clothing and paint your nose red (or pick up a clown nose, and this light up nose would be extra awesome!). Extra classic costume points if you also carry a pair of tweezers (AKA the tongs from the play kitchen utensils!) and randomly BUZZZ at people!

Printable Last-Minute Costume #4: Queen of Hearts (and other playing cards)

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (2)

Print pages 4-5 of the printable pack and attach the number and symbol of your choosing to transform yourself into the red Queen of Hearts or Diamonds — or any other queen, king, jack, or playing card. Attend your neighborhood party as the King and Queen of Spades with kids as the numbered cards — or make it a group costume and have members dressed as a full house, royal flush, etc. Of course, your royalty will need a crown, but you can easily make one from construction paper, too. Print these on sticker paper and stick them on a white shirt with red or black pants/shirt/shoes, or glue them on  a piece of foam core board and hang it around your neck or shoulders sandwich-board style for more of an Alice in Wonderland playing card style.

Printable Last Minute Costume #5: Wizarding School Students

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (3)

Grab a white collared shirt and print page 6 of the printable pack to transform yourself into your favorite Harry Potter character! Four colored ties make it easy to become any Hogwarts student from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Grab a rustic broom or a gnarly stick for a wand, and you’re magicked! These would be a great addition to a magical wizard party photo booth, too.

Printable Last Minute Costume #6: Rock Paper Scissors

Easy Printable Last Minute Halloween Costumes @Remodelaholic (1)

Pages 7, 8, and 9 of the printable pack will turn you and two of your compadres into the game to end all arguments (or was that just at my house growing up?) … rock, paper, scissors! Just print and cutout the three items, and you and your friends can spend all night declaring who is the victor.

Happy easy last-minute Halloween!

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