This contemporary apartment located in Saint Moritz, Switzerland, has been redesigned in 2020 by Pietro Corcione.


The apartment is the result of the merger of two smaller apartments for a total of 230 square meters. Since the first inspection we realized that the beautiful view of the village of St. Moritz and the lake of the same name, was not enhanced.

The demolitions that followed, aimed to create an open space overlooking that magnificent view. Three full-height sliding windows mark the sequence between the living room, the dining area and the breakfast island of the open kitchen.

A harmonious blend of materials gives a contemporary and authentic spirit. The thermo-treated oak used for the floor is combined with the grey marble used in the carved finish. A continuous boaiserie, made of solid oak strips, characterizes the distribution corridor of the apartment. Details in burnished brass contribute to create an elegant mood as well as the handles made on design and embellished with details in dark brown leather. Niches covered with natural gray stone matte finish complete this architectural backdrop.

Along this axis are grafted four double bedrooms with their respective bathrooms. The master bedroom is characterized by the exposed shower covered in Onyx Honey. The headboard of the bed is embellished with forest green velvet fabric set in brass strips.

Particular attention has been given to the lighting project. Indirect lighting, realized with continuous LED strips, integrates with a more decorative and punctiform lighting, thus creating a balance rich in luminous accents.

Photography courtesy of Pietro Corcione

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