Pregnancy Vlog #1 ♥ Second Baby Announcement, Miscarriage Scare & Baby Bump

How I told my husband I’m pregnant with baby number 2! And some insight into my first trimester of pregnancy. For regular baby bump pictures and updates, follow me on Instagram: @Neebebe ( ♥ LIKE and SHARE ♥ Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more pregnancy vlogs:

Hey guys, thanks for tuning into the first pregnancy vlog for our upcoming arrival. 🙂 Once again, I’m thrilled to share another exciting journey with you all. I’m currently 17 weeks in my second trimester of pregnancy but in this video I’m going to share how I announced the pregnancy to my husband and also some complications I had in the early stages. I didn’t go into depth with the first trimester symptoms because they were exactly the same as my previous pregnancy. I went to see my OB, got a physical exam, passed the blood tests, but also forget to mention that. You can watch my very first pregnancy vlog if you want to know the whole process. Click here to watch:

Here are some topics I’ll be covering in this video:
♥ Trying to conceive again after an emergency c-section
♥ Finding out / Positive At-home pregnancy test / Announcement to husband
♥ Pregnancy bleeding / spotting / cramping
♥ Missed miscarriage scare
♥ First Ultrasound appointment (at week 5)
♥ Second Ultrasound appointment (at week 7)
♥ First trimester symptoms
♥ Pregnant belly shot (at week 17)

If you’ve been here with me since the very beginning when I started uploading videos in 2009, I want to say thank you for your continued support. It means a lot to me. I’m older now and my priorities have shifted so I apologize for the lack of content over the year. Nonetheless, I still enjoy doing hair and sharing beauty tips, but I also want to spend this part of my life to start a family. I hope you understand. I’ll always be here though so hit that notification bell when you subscribe so you don’t miss me. 😀

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