How to decorate for a party in 20 minutes flat. It’s really easy, here is my secret…

Pop up Party Decorations | Oh Happy Day!

I’ve been into decorating for parties lately with a bunch of these pop-up garlands. It’s so easy, it takes less than 20 minutes to hang everything and it looks like you spent forever on it. I also love that everything comes flat. It’s perfect for traveling or if you need to haul the decorations on site to set up. Here is a picture from my friend Maggie’s baby shower. I showed up before it started and hung everything with White Gaffers Tape (it’s my favorite tape to use for this kind of thing because it holds really strong but won’t damage most surfaces). It turns a regular room into an insta-party.

You can get this look from supplies in our new party shop: bunting fan garlands, full garlands, and streamer garlands.