The A Beautiful Mess and A Color Story offices are getting into the Halloween spirit! As many of you know, we have a small office area above The Golden Girl Rum Club where a few of our team members from both of these companies work. It’s a great little spot and we decided to dress it up a little for Halloween this month. ? I would say the theme was a little bit inspired by my love all things true crime. Any true crime fans out there? Have you seen American Vandal on Netflix yet?

We partnered with Canon USA for this project. I used my PIXMA TS9020 to scan and print the police fingerprint transfers. I use the Canon Print app on my iPhone all the time to scan documents for work but it’s also super handy for craft projects like this or printing photos from your phone. It’s awesome!

So what exactly IS this project? Well, we created this (fake) police fingerprint document. I had everyone at the office take their fingerprints. Then I used the documents to create little throw pillows for the office couch, but you could easily use these for other projects too. You could create tote bags or sweaters. Or you could leave the documents and simply frame for something fun and a little silly to display for Halloween. We added a few decorations to our break area to make it look like a crime scene so the pillows fit right in. ?

You can download and print our (fake) police fingerprint document here.

-police fingerprint documents
-black ink (look for something easy to wash off, but any brand should be fine)
-Canon PIXMA TS9020 printer and Print app
-inkjet fabric transfer sheets
-fabric for pillows
-sewing machine (if using)
-iron and ironing board

Step One: Add fingerprints to the document using the black ink. This probably goes without saying, but be careful not to get ink on your clothes or other items before you wash off the excess ink after adding the fingerprints. This part is really fun in a group; I could also see kids really loving this. ?

Step Two: Once the ink has had a little time to dry, scan the document. Then use a photo editing app or software (I used Photoshop) to add text to the document and also flip so it prints like a mirror image (this is important so that when you transfer to fabric it will appear the right direction so you can read it).

Step Three: Print to fabric transfer sheet(s). Trim if needed. Most fabric transfers encourage you to round the edges of your design as it will transfer a little better that way.

Step Four: Transfer the design to fabric. Follow the directions listed on the package, as different brands may vary some.

Step Five: Use a sewing machine, or you can stitch by hand, to stitch up the edges of the pillow. You want your design to be on the inside so you can flip the pillow inside out before filling. This is the same process as when I made these document plush pillows, so check that out if you want even more inspiration. Also, in that post you can see how to tile a document to make a larger throw pillow. You could totally apply that technique here if you wanted to make these a little bigger. Just options!

Step Six: Fill the pillow with Poly-Fil and stitch up the final edge.

If you choose to add your fabric transfer to other items, like a tote (see below) or a sweater, then you can skip steps five and six—making this project no-sew. ?

The day I took these pillows to our offices and decorated a little with our team I also set up a little “mugshot” area and had everyone get their photo taken to go with their criminal fingerprints. ? This would also be a fun little thing to do if you’re hosting a Halloween party—especially if it’s got a true crime theme. ?

Here’s our office “mugshots”:

This was too fun. Thanks for letting me share! And if you use the police fingerprint document, be sure to tag us with #ABMcrafty on IG because we want to SEE your projects! xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Emma Chapman, Trey George, and Jacki Moseley. Document design: Mara Dockery. In case you are curious, the police caution tape, mugshot backdrop, and black felt board (in the mugshots) are all from Amazon.