Cute and sophisticated decor for kids’ rooms is trending and it doesn’t have to be too cutesy or juvenile to be appropriate. Homedit saw some great examples of upscale decor for children at both ends of the spectrum at NY NOW 2017.  From muted color palettes to pieces redesigned with kids in mind, there were new designs and ideas that are very appealing.


This home decor company is focused on Nordic style and living, including for children. Founded in 2000 by Creative Director Betina Stampe, Bloomingville has grown into a major global home interior brand. The company’s Mini line for children is no exception. It features the simple and appealing qualities of the Nordic design sensibility in a sophisticated color palette so the pieces can grow with the child. From wall decor to storage and accessories, the collection is very versatile.

Muted colors keep the pieces from being too childish.
Neutral basics will go with any color scheme and grow with the child.

The offerings for a children’s room combine basic furnishings with a soft and sophisticated color palette and whimsical pieces like the knobs and pegs that feature cute animal faces. The pine stool can be used in any room of the home.  Along with these types of pieces, the mini collection includes art and accessories tailored to older children as well.

The chair and Persian lamb throw would work in any room of the house.
This dreamy little pouf is so cute, with its calming design.
Most of these pieces would easily see a child through to their early childhood years and perhaps beyond.
Bloomingville’s cloud cushion sits atop the cloud shelf, also available in blue.

Gautier Studio

Of course, some people prefer brighter colors in a kids room, and Gautier Studio has the hues and designs to charm any child. The Quebec-based company launched its brand in 2016, which features graphic and colored accessories that are fashioned from natural materials. The centerpiece of their designs is the Tagada playhouse. What child hasn’t created a tent out of blankets and chairs? This little house riffs on that childhood escape and can be used in a bedroom or playroom. It features a frame that offers endless possibilities for children to make the secret hideaway of their dreams.

The larger frame is the Pom Pom single bed.

Wall storage options from Gautier include these charming House shelves, that come in a variety of colors and some graphic designs. They can be hung on the wall or sit on a table or shelf. They are the perfect little way to feature a decorative accessory or a few favorite children’s books.

The shelves are made from Baltic birch.

Storage bins and baskets are key to keeping a kids room tidy and organized. These Tchou-Tchou storage bins have a lot going for them. Not only are they charming and versatile in the black and white color combination, they are on wheels which makes it easy for young kids — and parents — to move them around. Whether used as a  storage unit, a place for kids to stash treasures, or as a toy car for stuffed animals, it’ll be a favorite piece. The other useful piece is the Ole toy hamper. Made from lined cotton canvas, it’s perfect for small toys, laundry or anything else you need to store. The black and white design goes with everything and the bold graphics are fun.

Cotton canvas

Cushions of all sorts, including the panda, fill the storage bins.
Basic but never boring, these baskets are extra versatile.

Made from birch, the lampshade has a geometric design, a Scandinavian aesthetic and a neutral look. It would go with any style of children’s room decor and is a rugged design.

The back wall features some of the wallpaper available to match.

Gautier’s wall pegs will help combat the problem of things strewn across the floor of a kids’ room. These large geometric pegs make it easy for children to hang things, including the canvas storage baskets, which have a handle. Made from painted baltic birch, they are sturdy.

The geometry of the pegs is repeated in the wallpaper and textiles.
The geometric pegs are also available in a gray-scale palette.
The Confetti table is painted, easy to clean and comes in three sizes.
The BlackJack Big Blackboard is also available in a smaller size.


This Danish housewares and accessories company is known for its colorful accessories, storage pieces and tableware, all meant to make everyday life more colorful. Focusing on “fun, funkiness and functionality,” Rice produces its products in third world countries, where it works to ensure human rights, healthy labor conditions, and no child labor in its processes. Their line includes a variety of pieces that are great for kids rooms, like these house-shaped toy baskets for boys and girls.

Children can focus on their favorite fairytale when choosing a basket.
These products are made in Madagascar from raffia, which is a natural material.

New children’s pieces are more design forward than ever. No matter what style you prefer and whether you want a soft and neutral palette or prefer to focus on bolder colors and geometries, there are plenty of designs to choose from. Many of these new pieces will work for children as they grow and age into new stages.

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