Брюки в клетку — в центре вниманияA bit of Alpine chic, a little retro: checkered patterns – large, small, diagonal, or barely visible — almost never go out of fashion. These little colorful squares are deserved of the attention of the fairer sex, as they are able to turn any model of clothing in the huge hit.

How to choose pants?

Today in fashion back plaid pants. It is able to best attract the attention of others, so to create a harmonious image should closely match it with Kombi partners and to consider your own age.

Young Schoolgirls and female students is fine plaid cigarette trousers. Remember that the checkered print is very reminiscent of a school uniform, so it is better to combine the pants with clothes in casual and a bit careless style. Thirty-girls with plaid pants can combine blouse shirt casual. For women forty years with the plaid pants a good mix will be a bright pullover and spectacular high boots. Fifty-year-old ladies is better to combine with an elegant plain top. And in sixty years such pants it is better to refuse, relying on the elegant age and preferring the less catchy prints. If you want, you can afford a plaid bag, scarf or neckerchief.

To fit and you should pay attention to?

Plaid pants have always aroused great interest among the fashionistas, but the fascinating optical effect of the print had caused many of them to abandon these clothes. Cage gives extra volume, so almost all the checkered patterns are fattening figure.
Брюки в клетку — в центре вниманияPants with a plaid pattern it is undesirable to wear for those with a pear-shaped figure. Catchy print will further increase volumetric hem, visually adding a few extra pounds on the hips. But if the desire to wear a cage prevails over the aesthetic side of the question, the girls with curvy hips should pay attention to the colors. In the design of the cell better to choose cold colors and colors in which vertical stripes are clearly expressed, and the horizontal is less noticeable.

[note]Delicious girls better to buy plaid trousers classic style, which are cut from the hip and understated color scheme.[/note]

Ladies with narrow hips was more fortunate – they can feel free to wear plaid in any color variations. And for those who have broad shoulders, checkered print, will help to balance the proportions of the figure.

In any case, it is necessary to observe the rule of «Golden mean» before you buy the tartan pants you need to consider some nuances:

    Size. Plaid pants should choose the right on the figure. Worn in the stretch, they will lose the strict geometry of the print and pattern will be broken. For those who doubt, it is better to buy pants one size larger. Color. The most flashy and impressive looking pants in the traditional red colours. This model advantageous looks with high heels or different models patent shoes. Owner of a slender figure can safely wear plaid pants-pipes in red tones. But if the body proportions are somewhat far from ideal, the color red should be abandoned. To work better to prefer calm colours and bright prints would be appropriate in an informal setting – a nightclub, party and so on. Features of the figure. Girls with narrow hips can combine plaid pants with any top and ladies of lush’s better to pick things up, closing the hip. Age. The diagonal cage is versatile and suits women of all ages. Girls can wear pants of any cell in any style and in all color variations. The main thing – to choose Combi-partners. And older women it is better to give preference to the more muted colors.

With what and how to wear plaid pants? Tips from the stylist.

The size and color of the cells allows you to create bands in different styles. In combination with the other elements of the wardrobe plaid pants can look completely different.

Business-like style. To create a business image would be perfect checkered print in soft, muted tones (all shades of black, grey and brown as well as dark green and dark blue and Indigo). The perfect combination partner to the plaid pants will become a plain light shirt or blouse. Complete the ensemble simply jacket or blazer in cool shades with minimal decor. In addition, the color of the blazer or jacket should overlap with one of the color tones of the cells.
Брюки в клетку — в центре внимания
Amateur skinny checkered trousers can match them with shirts which have sleeves and a collar. The point in creating the image put elegant slim vest.
Брюки в клетку — в центре внимания
A sporty style. Fans of sports style should pay attention to the pants with a chunky plaid pattern. Large cells successfully combined with sports shoes: loafers or sneakers. Completes the ensemble of t-shirt or light sweater, the color matching one of the shades of trousers.

[note]it is Worth considering that the leader in the selected way are pants, so you should not choose too bright top or shoes with eye-catching decor.[/note] Брюки в клетку — в центре внимания
Casual style (casual). For everyday wear you can use the pants in medium or large cage with bright elements. It is advisable to only wear one plaid piece of clothing, and the other elements of the wardrobe must be monotonous. As shoes fit high heel shoes, ankle boots, sandals, loafers and even sneakers.
Брюки в клетку — в центре внимания
Please note! In some cases, outrageous lady allow myself to mix multiple plaid prints in different items of clothing. To originality is not turned into a masquerade, bottom and top must be different in size and color cells. Bright print it is better to combine with more calm, and a large square, it is desirable to complement small.
Брюки в клетку — в центре внимания«Highlight» of this creative image can be a solid strap that will hold a visual boundary between the checkered bottom and the top.

To always be in trend and demonstrate delicate taste, you need to learn the main thing: the cell is the basic element of the costume. Than it brighter and more expressive, the softer and calmer should be shades of the other elements of the wardrobe. Only in this way will create a perfect image, to emphasize the dignity of all shapes and gain confidence in their unique beauty.