Places to Visit in Italy 2 Weeks with John VLOG 2/2

Places to Visit in Italy 2 Weeks with John VLOG 2/2

Places to Visit in Italy: 2 Weeks with John is part TWO of TourRadar’s Italian adventure, in partnership with Insight Vacations. Heading to Italy soon? Looking for some inspiration? Just really, really love pasta? Join John and TourRadar on part two of his 2-week whirlwind tour of Italy. If you watched part one of John’s adventure, and you’re still curious about what an Italian tour looks like, stick around and let us answer all your questions and more.

Movie fan? Take in the picture-perfect rolling hills and gorgeous estates of Tuscany – including the villa used in the film Under the Tuscan Sun! Get swept up in the Italian way of life, from winding country roads, to charming cafes, to grand, historic architecture. Take in iconic structures like Torre del Mangia, the tower rising from Siena’s town square, and the Florence Cathedral’s legendary red dome. You’ll find art you’ve only read about, like Michelangelo’s David, and enjoy food you’ve only dreamed of, like authentic Italian gelato.

Follow John to Cinque Terre, or “five towns,” for some of the most beautiful views in the world. Boat rides and beaches and sunshine, oh my! Of course, he doesn’t stand still for too long – not when there’s more of Italy to explore! Fans of cars and art alike will be struck speechless by the sights at the Mustang Museum, showcasing one of Italy’s most iconic exports. From there, it’s straight to Parma, for a taste of some of the best cheese Italy has to offer, and Verona, to pay a visit to the balcony made famous by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

To top it all off, a trip to Venice is a must for any tour of Italy. Enjoy the blue canals, colourful masks, and a demonstration of Venetian glass-blowing. You may never be able to see all of the amazing things Italy has to offer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try!

Now that John’s tour is over, don’t you think it’s your turn?

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