Places to Visit in Italy: 2 Weeks with John VLOG 1/2

Places to Visit in Italy: 2 Weeks with John VLOG 1/2

Places to Visit in Italy: 2 Weeks with John is part one of TourRadar’s Italian adventure, in partnership with Insight Vacations. Heading to Italy soon? Looking for some inspiration? Just really, really love pasta? Join John and TourRadar on part one of his 2-week whirlwind tour of Italy. If you’re curious about what an Italian tour looks like, stick around and let us answer all your questions and more.

If history’s your thing, visiting these ancient cobbled streets and towering ruins must be on your to-do list. Seeing pictures of the Colosseum is one thing, but standing beside all 48 metres of it is another experience entirely. Follow along as John’s tour takes him to the burial site of Pope Francis, the eerie streets of Pompeii, and the religiously significant Vatican City, to name just a few must-visit spots.

Of course, any visit to Italy isn’t complete without food, and lots of it. Do you know where the best lemons in the world are grown? John does, and by the end of this video, so will you. Take in the mouth-watering pasta making demonstration, led by a presidential chef, and you’ll be planning your Italian adventure before you can say “Buon Appetito!” If you’re looking for natural beauty, endless culture, and more carbs than you’ve ever seen, then get your passport ready because you’ll be scrambling to book a tour now.

We’re sure this first part will have you eagerly awaiting the conclusion to John’s amazing tour– not to mention ready to plan an Italian adventure of your own!

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