Today on the blog, Jess shares a fashion find that she and her best friend (aka Pinterest) have recently stumbled upon… 

I like to think that Pinterest is a stylish friend of mine whose favourite pastime and raison d’être is hunting down the exact images I want to look at. She knows exactly the colours and shapes I want to see and she always fills me in on the most beautiful sights (and sites) in those moments at the end of a long day when all I want to is switch off my brain and lose myself in pretty things.

I choose to ignore the fact that Pinterest is a website made up of an algorithm and instead think warm thoughts about my moodboarding friend who just. gets. me.


My visually gifted and in-the-know friend has recently been buzzing about one particular online boutique from Milwaukee, USA. Established in 2006, Bona Drag curates an incredible storehouse of brands, with an aesthetic that is simultaneously current and of a time gone by. The recent crop of styled product images on their site covers a colour palette and look that I am currently loving- it all has a slightly seventies feel with awkward and strange palette combinations (mustard, burgundy, dusty pinks, forest green and burnt orange). It was their styled shots of shoes that piqued my Pinterest interest at first- I can’t get enough of the retro colours, the textures and the still life approach to the shot composition. I love it all. 


Bless my Pinterest friend, her impeccably trained eye and enthusiasm for sharing ?


All images via Bona Drag

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