Everyone might want something that is going to compliment the room and show it off in an elegant fashion. You could do this by renovating which can be consume more time. Or if you want to do something that is quick and easy in order to alter the mood of your surroundings then you could choose some creative ideas of lamp shades. Besides the practical purposes of lighting a room, the lamp shade can also provide customized decor.

While choosing lamp shades ideas, you have to consider one of the most important aspects to decide, colors. There are thousands or millions of color that possibly become your choice. In this post, we are going to talk about one color that often called as a representation of girl’s favorite color; pink.

Pink is feminine and romantic, affectionate and intimate, thoughtful and caring. It tones down the physical passion of red replacing it with a gentle loving energy. This color represents compassion, nurturing and love. It relates to unconditional love and understanding, and the giving and receiving of nurturing. Choosing pink as the color of lamp shade will provide you all the benefit you can get from the color.

Perhaps, let’s take a look at our 13 chosen ideas about pink lamp shades, and make them as inspirations of your home accessories.

1. Simple Bright Pink Lamp Shade

If you already have a simple or even a modern concept for your existing room and you want a touch of bright pink to brighten up the look, you might love to adopt this pink lamp shade idea. A quick and simple way to brighten up the room.

Pink Lamp Shades 1
Image via www.landofnod.com

2. 3D Pink Floral Lamp Shade with Bow

Or you want a little bit cute shape for a lamp shade? This 3D pink floral lamp shade win sweeten up your room with a cute bow on it.

Pink Lamp Shades 2
Image via rosenberryrooms.com

3. Ombre Pink Glass Lamp Shade

This is good for a standing lamp, as the beautiful material will beautify the entire room. The ombre effect also gives a unique look for the light.

Pink Lamp Shades 3
Image via www.lampsbeautiful.com

4. Pink Feather Concept

Who can imagine that feather idea could be so good for a lamp shade? Look at this idea of pink feather lamp shade that will make a very calm and beautiful look to your room easily.

Pink Lamp Shades 4
Image via rosenberryrooms.com

5. Lovely Pink Lamp Shade with Bow

What a cute concept of lamp shade with dusty baby pink color and brown bow that able to sweeten up your room’s look.

Pink Lamp Shades 6
Image via www.babybedding.com

6. Gold Paint on Bright Pink Drum Lamp Shade

Make our lamp shade become a simple object but creative in look. Just like this idea of bright pink drum lamp shade. With gold painting, it allows you to beautify and freshen your room’s look.

Pink Lamp Shades 7
Image via www.amara.com

7. Pink Starburst Lamp Shade

Looking for a unique and a little bit sparkling concept for a lamp shade in pink? You might love to adopt this idea of pink starburst lamp shade. The unique and sparkling concept that will give an extra sparks to your room.

Pink Lamp Shades 8
Image via rosenberryrooms.com

8. Creative Baby Pink Lamp Shade

Never get enough for a creative-looked furniture and accessories for your house? Adopt this idea of creative baby pink lamp shade to express your creative personality.

Pink Lamp Shades 9
Image via www.ikea.com

9. Calm Pink Floral Print on Cone Lamp Shade

If you love to have a shabby chic look for your room, you might love to have one of this lamp with calm pink floral pink lamp shade. The cone shape of the shade also give a beautiful classic look. Moreover, if you combine it with white stand and furniture.

Pink Lamp Shades 10
Image via www.babybedding.com

10. Bright Pink with Pattern on Drum Lamp Shade

Don’t ever worry to choose bright pink for your room, even if your room is already have a simple concept with a lot of white color. You can adopt this idea of bright pink lamp shade with its simple pattern to brighten up you room, and make it less boring in look.

Pink Lamp Shades 11
Image via www.landofnod.com

11. Classic Baby Pink and White Print on Cone Lamp Shade

Another choice for you who want to have a classic one but comes in pink color. You might love to adopt this idea of classic baby pink and white pink print on your lamp shade to brighten up the room.

Pink Lamp Shades 12
Image via www.babybedding.com

12. Pink and White Floral Print

Another choice for pink and white print combination on lamp shade. You might love to have this idea, by the picture below.

Pink Lamp Shades 13
Image via jeannemcgee.wordpress.com

13. Pastel Pink and Gray in Sweet Pattern

Nowadays, there are a lot of pattern idea that comes is beautiful pastel colors. You can also have it for your lamp shade, just like the idea below. Adopt this idea of pastel pink and gray color in sweet patter to sweeten up the room.

Pink Lamp Shades 15
Image via pinterest.com

Lamp shades can fit any interior decorating them. Don’t be afraid to choose something unique and personalized to you. Have a good time in deciding which one of the pink lamp shades to adopt!

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