Peru Trip Announcement! Toronto to Lima Travel Vlog

Peru Trip Announcement! Toronto to Lima Travel Vlog

Join us as we announce our trip to Peru at Pearson Airport in Toronto as fly with Air Canada Rouge from Toronto to Lima. We’re thrilled to be heading back to Lima, Peru and this time it is for a special occasion as Audrey’s Grandmother turns 90 years old! Another special aspect of this trip is that we’re joined by family including Audrey’s sister and husband and Audrey’s Mother who is already in Lima waiting for us.

Fortunately we have a direct flight with Air Canada Rouge from Toronto to Lima and it isn’t delayed. Prior to boarding the flight we indulge in a little Canadian fast food at Tim Hortons. The flight itself was a bit turbulent but overall not too bad. Upon arrival we’re picked up by Audrey’s cousin and boyfriend who take us the airport we’ll be staying at for the remained for out trip in Lima, Peru. Too tired to wrap things up at the apartment we wake-up and show you our non-traditional Peruvian breakfast as we just snack on Tejas and mixed Peruvian potato chips.

Our first party for Audrey’s Grandma is that evening and we indulge by sampling numerous kinds of Peruvian food including highlights such as Aji de Gallina and Pisco Sour. We finish off with a beautiful sunset overlooking Miraflores. We plan to make a 14 part food series from Lima so stay tuned for that!

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Peru Trip Announcement! Toronto to Lima Travel Vlog Video Transcript:

Time for another travel vlog. Yeah. Tell us we were just at the airport a few days ago. Where are we off to now? We were. Well haha. We are going to a very familiar destination. Lima, Peru.

And we’re really excited because it is for a special occasion. And I’ll let you talk about that. Yes.

My Grandma is turning 90 years old. Yeah. In a matter of days so yeah. A lot of the family is flying down there and we’re just going to have a big celebration. Fun birthday party and just hang out and spend quality time.

It is awesome. Your Mom is already there. Your sister is coming. And it is great for your Grandma because all of her daughters are there. Yes. So all 3 of them and yeah we’re so excited to go back to Lima. One of our favorite foodie cities in the whole world. No I’m going to say it is probably the best foodie city. The best. We love it. And so we’re heading back and we’re going to be eating a lot there. We’re going to be filming a lot and we are also going to be spending quality time with family so it is very exciting for us.

Update! It is time to board. Yeah. Also I don’t think we mentioned we are traveling with my sister and her husband. Yeah. We just met them at the gate. That is awesome. They are in a different section. Yes. They are getting on. We need to get on. Let’s board.

Well at long at last. You almost fell down the escalator there. Yeah. I’m just waking up. A bit of a bambi moment. Oh my gosh it is midnight. Yeah it is late. We made it to Lima. We made it.

Long flight. I would say there was medium turbulence. Yeah. Not horrendous but enough to make you aware of it. Yes. But we’re thrilled to be back here. I mean we’re both tired but um yeah let’s get our bags and let’s get to our place.

I’ve got the bags. Everyone’s bags made it. Now we’re going to go meet my cousin and her boyfriend who are coming to pick us up. In the wee hours of the morning. 2 am.

Well we pretty much passed out last night. We sure did. We conked. We went to bed around 2am. I think so. But surprisingly I didn’t need that long of a sleep. I only slept 4 or 5 hours and I woke up totally refreshed. And we’re having breakfast now.

And then we have a celebration. One of the many birthday gatherings happening this week. There is going to be a lot of food today.

Oh! Salut! Salud!

This is part of our Travel in Peru video series showcasing Peruvian food, Peruvian culture and Peruvian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Canada video series showcasing Canadian food, Canadian culture and Canadian cuisine.

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