For personal reasons I’ve been taking some time off lately. I’ve been working of course, but the blog has been suffering from it. Keeping up with everything is sometimes hard and working freelance makes you even more vulnerable when you have some personal struggles. Having my best friends around me is what has been keeping me going. They’ve been making sure I haven’t been alone, talking for hours, fed me (I’ve been on a delicious Greek diet for a week now) and cheering me up the best way they could. For all the phone calls, texts, late nights – I love you. The good thing? I’ve been out a lot. Walking, spotting new and cool places, tasted a million new ice cream flavors, listened to the calming sound of the sea, watching the city awake in the sunshine after a long winter and gathered some of it as inspiration for you. Bare with me, I´ll be back. Take care and be nice. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. ?



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