While I was working on the leaves for my Lotus Necklace, I kept thinking that the leaves would be fabulous to serve as peacock feathers. And, as it always happens with me, the idea started gnawing at me, until I let go and tried to put it to a test. And I didn’t go wrong there, because I am just in love with these two. 
I knew immediately I wanted the all-blue one to be turned into a necklace, and that’s why I made it with a DK yarn to make it sturdier, while the green-feathered peacock is made with sport yarn, and the difference is quite noticeable, especially in the part of the feathers, where I  played with different stitch count as well as different positioning of the same. 

However, the pictures do not do them justice – they are much more vibrant in reality, but somehow I couldn’t catch that on camera. 

What do you guys think?