Park Apartment is a contemporary apartment located in Dnipro, Ukraine, designed in 2021 by Svoya Studio.


Everything was initially perfect in this apartment – the location in a new residential complex in the park zone of the city of Dnipro and a good space for planning all the desired premises, with an area of 164m2.

Healthy perfectionism permeated all the work on the implementation of the project. Each element reflects the embodiment of the best traditions of design, technology and quality. Here, without deliberate pathos, the best world brands of furniture, lighting, plumbing equipment and finishing materials are organically combined. Everything to ensure the highest comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

Zonally, the apartment is divided into public and private zones.

The space of a kitchen combined with a dining room and a living room. The office is adjacent to the sofa area, limited by a sliding system from it.

The guest bathroom is quite compact, but functional – it turns into a laundry room with all the technical equipment.

All transit and corridor areas of the apartment are occupied by storage systems.

The bedroom has an adjoining dressing room. And the bathroom with an island bathtub and a spacious shower is designed for a bedroom and a children’s room.

A lot of attention is paid to details, hidden engineering systems and their aesthetic wiring, as well as the lighting system. Minimalistic built-in lamps allow you to keep the ceiling uncluttered.

We can safely say that artificial and natural lighting play a big role in the mood of this space.

Photography courtesy of Svoya Studio

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