Wood pallets are perfect for creating rustic pieces of home decor! The nails in the pallet I took apart inspired me to create string art on a pallet board. This rustic, unusual welcome sign will look so cheery next to my front door! Keep reading to learn how easy it is to make this string art welcome sign from a pallet.

Supplies Used:

  • Pallet Board
  • Ultra Dye in Solar Power
  • Nails
  • Twine
  • Alphabet Stencil
  • Paint
  • Artificial Flowers

Step one: Remove one board from a wooden pallet. Remove the nails from the pallet board and wipe off any dust or dirt from the board.

Step two: Stain the pallet board with Ultra Dye. I used a cheery yellow hue to welcome visitors to my home.

Step four: Hammer nails into each of the corners of the vase as pictured.(Download the template from here). This will create an outline for the string art vase. Rip the paper away when you are done nailing.

Step five: Tie the twine onto one of the nails, and begin twisting the twine around the nail heads. Continue connecting the nail heads with lines of twine until the outline of the vase is visible. You can use the printed template as a guide for the lines if needed.

Step six: Use a pencil and letter stencils to spell the word “welcome” on the sign.

Step seven: Fill in the penciled letters with black paint and a fine tipped brush.

Step eight: Slide the stems of artificial flowers into the string art vase.

I pulled some twine through the holes left in the pallet board by the original nails. This created a hanger that I could use to hang my welcome sign up with. It makes a lovely, rustic piece of decor to decorate the front of my home with.  Have fun crafting and creating with pallet boards!

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