Painting Water // Sketchbook Process

I’m practicing painting water, and filmed the process of this one.

For reference, I used a photo that I found. And then I discovered that the photo I had looked at actually was a highly realistic painting by artist Zaria Forman! My own painting is more inspired by impressionism than realism.

Tools and supplies:
Winsor & Newton watercolors from the professional range.
Indigo (that darkest blue) from Van Gogh.
Paper: Moleskine watercolor album (200 gsm paper).
Syntetic brush from Søstrene Grene, size 12. (It cost me like, 6 NOK, which is less than 1 USD)
Winsor & Newton masking fluid.
Ordinary Scotch tape.

Natural daylight from my window for filming (sorry about the flickering quality).
I use a Nikon D5100 for filming.

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