Call me crazy but I love paint. I love it on the wall, I love it on canvas, I love it on paper and I even love it on my clothes! And while I end up with paint on my clothes after a creative session, I love messing around with simple ways to use paint to turn basic clothing into something funky! Lately I’ve been playing around with my pant legs…I know kind weird but I love that with a little paint you can transform a pair of pants into something totally unique.

I’ve found that the key to painting your clothing is use fabric paint and I prefer the Tulip Soft Matte Paints. They are washable, non toxic and once dry the paint is soft and moveable. 
I used a pair of black pants from Target. 
And then I added lots of layer of colorful brushtrokes just at the bottom the pant legs.
The result is super funky (and not for everyone) but I LOVE that a simple outfit can be transformed with lots of color and a little creativity!

Looking for some inspiration for altering that clothing?
Here are some of my favorites-



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