Pagan Wedding At A Medieval Hobbit Village

Creative people always get married in a creative way, and their weddings are really worth seeing. Today we are featuring a wedding of two artists, and it means that something unique is gonna be seen!

The bride being an alternative wedding planner herself meant she handled everything. She also put together all the flowers (with her team of helpers!) and the groom created the invitations. The weekend took place at Cae Mabon, and eco-friendly retreat center in Snowdonia. The whole site of Cae Mabon looks like a medieval hobbit village as all the dwellings are traditionally built eco-friendly designs, and this is exactly what a couple of geeks needs!

The couple is fans of films like Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal and fantasy, so they made the setting as magical as possible and dressed up accordingly. All the guests dressed from all the centuries they wanted: there were people wearing chainmail armor, Viking warrior outfits, Jester costumes, medieval gowns and even a mini-unicorn! The bride was wearing a unique folk dress but the most unusual thing was her crown with rounded horns, she looked like a creature from a fairy-tale! The groom was also wearing a unique costume with a handmade horny crown – so cool! Get ready to swoon over the photos of this wedding below!

For three days the guests were living, eating, sleeping as a community. Their total spent was £10,000, their biggest cost being alcohol – not much for such a fest!

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