Can’t decide between a rectangular dining table and one with a round top? Make a compromise and choose an oval one. In a lot of ways, it’s the best of both worlds. An oval dining table combines the linear simplicity of a rectangular top with the intimacy and comfort of a round one. As far its functionality goes, the oval top is very similar to a rectangular one but it has an advantage: is appears to occupy less space so, visually, it’s a better option especially for small spaces.

There’s no standardized oval shape and that means a lot of different variations are available
Some oval tables are slender while others are almost round and have a more robust appearance
Of course, the design of the base is just as important as the top
Oval tables are already more space-efficient than the rectangular one and the extendable ones are even better

Oval dining tables are incredibly versatile. Their unique shape allows them to look beautiful just about anywhere, whether it’s a formal setting, a casual decor, a small room or a large open space. In addition to this versatility, there are lots of other advantages. The rounded edges of the table can soften a harsh and linear decor and break the angular lines of the other furniture pieces by introducing delicate curved into the space. Also, the curved edges are more suitable for small spaces for similar reasons.

This is sort of a freeform table which is versatile enough to suit a variety of spaces and functions
An oval top that’s also thin and slender can prove to be more space-efficient even if it’s just a visual impression
This design seems to be a hybrid between a rectangular and a round table
There’s a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing the seats to complement an oval table with
The rounded edges of the table are enough to complement a space defined by linearity
To highlight the soft nature of an oval table’s form, use it in combination with chairs that feature similar characteristics
Basically there are two main types of oval tables: closer to rectangular or to round tables in terms of form
Because they’re so versatile and unique, oval tables can be used in meeting rooms, dining spaces or offices
Consider an oval table with a pedestal base if you’re aiming for a sculptural and sophisticated decor
In addition to being very versatile and space-efficient, oval tables are also nice decorative pieces
This design criteria can be applied to both indoor and outdoor dining tables
The simplicity of this design and the refined form make it a perfect table for conference spaces
The marble top also introduces here a unique pattern with soft veining and color accents
Consider an oval dining table for a decor that also includes clean geometric patterns
The chairs placed around the table can either match it or contrast with its form and design
There’s a nice balance here between the linear furniture along the walls and the curved forms clustered at the center

Because an oval table doesn’t have any sharp corners, it doesn’t force a predefined number of seats and it’s easy to just add another chair when needed. This means that accommodating a last-minute guest is never a problem when you have a dining table with an oval or a round top. As you can see, the advantages are many and so are the designs which you can choose from.

Not everything has to match so if the table has an oval top you can complement it with square chairs, frames or other accents
The classical four-legged structure doesn’t really work for oval tables. Pedestal bases suit them better
We enjoy the cohesiveness of this table and chairs combo and how the colors and textures contrast with each other

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