Glass is such a versatile and practical material it’s no wonder we have so many different uses for it. Being that interior design is our passion, we’re naturally drawn to glass furniture and we’d like to share with you some of the most exceptional designs that we came across over the years. They emphasize all that makes glass special like its durability,  easy maintenance and transparency.

In 2002 Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni created the Naked chair. It’s an armchair with a comfortable and adjustable leather seat and with a frame made of two side panels made of glass. It weighs 67 kg and it can hold a load of up to 120 kg. The glass is 20 mm thick and surprisingly strong and durable.

Ever seen a bar cart as stylish as this one? The Kart is on a whole different level. It was designed by Karim Rashid in 2015 and it has a structure made entirely of glass. The most interesting feature is the pair of large glass wheels which support the cart. The bottom tray is the only contrasting element. It can be pulled out for easy access.

Glass is a material that in lots of ways makes sense when it comes to makeup vanities and console tables. It looks delicate and sophisticated, especially with all those beautiful curves featured by the Opalina Toletta console designed in 2016 by Cristina Celestino.

The stylish mirror featured next to this beautiful console is called Soglia and was designed in 1989 by Isao Hosoe. The thing that makes it stand out is the revolving base made of glass which allows the user to turn the double-sided mirror as desired.

Floating shelves are appreciated for their simplicity and ability to maintain an open and spacious feel by looking lightweight. Naturally, shelves made of glass are much better at that. In 1997 Emilio Nanni designed Alfabeta, a series of glass shelves with metal supports which can be positioned on walls in numerous different ways.

Designed for entryways and bedrooms, Shoji is a stylish wardrobe made out of glass and wood. It has a transparent glass frame and a wooden bench with built-in storage. A mirrored sliding door partially covers its front. This was a design by Lorenzo De Bartolomeis and Studio Hosoe created in 2017.

The Nesting tables by Roman & Erwan Bouroullec are made entirely of Murano glass. They have a simple design, with a square-shaped top and cylindrical legs and they come in three color options: clear, dark green and amber. The tops are quite thick and they have this lovely texture reminiscent of water.

There’s a ton of glass tables to choose from but few can even be compared with Folio, a gorgeous table by Yabu Pushelberg. The way it curves and the pureness and simplicity of the form and material make this a very special furniture piece. Its design and form are pure and graceful and that’s where the charm stands.

Patricia Urquiola designed a set of eye-catching tables with a special iridescent multi-chromatic finish. They’re the Shimmer Tables and they change color based on where they’re looked at and the angle at which the light hits them. They’re available in frosted and transparent glass.

As the name of the series (Boxinbox) suggests, this is a set of modules designed to fit one inside the other. This is a collection by Philippe Starck who used glass to give the modules a transparent and lightweight appearance. Each element is made up of two pieces: a transparent, colorless shell and a colored box that fits inside. The available colors are purple, orange, green, gray and yellow.

There’s something unique and very pleasant about a dining table that has a wooden top. It feels warm and it brings people together in a wonderful manner. That being said, just because the top is made of glass doesn’t mean the base or legs have to be from the same material. The Air Table sits one two tempered glass panels. It looks incredibly lightweight and it makes the room feel airy despite the thick and heavy wooden top.

The Ghost Chair looks so fragile and delicate…you hardly build up the courage to sit on it. But don’t be fooled by its looks. It may be made of glass but it’s pretty strong and durable and it can hold up to 150 kg. The chair has an interesting silhouette, with curved lines and an overall fluid and continuous form.

It seems that tables with wooden tops and glass bases are quite popular. Plié is one of them. It looks slender and elegant, featuring a solid wood top with angled edges and two curved glass panels that make up the base. The design is simple but not as minimalist as others. There’s also a version of this table which has a top made of glass as well, in case you prefer the more transparent look.

This is yet another stylish dining table that combines a wooden top and a glass base. This time there’s a slit at the center of the table which shows the glass panels that holds the top. the Llt table is available in various options: with a plywood, canaletto walnut or oak finish for the top or with a hand-finished wood top that has textured surface.

There’s something quite intriguing about the Lambda table and it’s not the name. It’s actually the base which has this undulating, symmetrical form. It can either be mat white or black or it can have an ash wood, oak or wedge finish. There’s also a version with the base made of solid cabaletta walnut. The top, on the other hand, only comes in tempered glass.

The Noguchi table is a classic. It was designed in 1944 and it’s still considered very stylish and trendy, being appreciated for its sculptural and timeless appearance as well as for its simplicity. The base of the table is made of two wooden elements positioned at an angle. They provide support for the glass top which has a signature organic form.

The Kosmo console table is another classic piece, famous for its sculptural wooden base and its sleek and stylish metal platform and glass top. The oval top is clean and has a thickness of 10 mm and this gives the table a lightweight appearance. At the same time, it allows the wooden base to become the focal point of attention.

If you like foosball but the common tables are not stylish enough for your home, check out this glass version from Teckell. The playing field is made of laminated crystal, available in transparent or smoked glass. The players are made of aluminum, one team featuring a shiny chrome finish and the other a dark nickel one.

Isola is a shelving system designed by Massino Castagna. Unlike other shelving units, it has a structure made of transparent glass with the actual shelves being the only ones that stand out, being made of silver-plated brass. They appear to be floating and they they’re placed at various angles for a dynamic effect.

Glass cabinets used to be very popular some time ago. They were a sort of display areas where various things were being showcased, usually in the living room. The Pandora Light sideboard brings back some of those memories with its design. It has a metal structure with a wooden bottom and top shelf and with transparent glass framing its contents on all sides.

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