OUTFIT | Contrast

I am so excited to share these photos with you!

As you probably know, I usually take all of the photos for this blog myself: the projects, step by steps, travel pics and my outfit posts. Yes, most of my fashion shoots are done by me with a remote in hand. (also explaining why almost all of my outfit posts are set inside)

But wait, the photos in this posts are outside?! Yes! I had the pleasure of being photographed by the fabulous Kirsten van Niekerk. We met online, both being Dutch and living in Berlin. She looking for models, me looking for a great excuse to take a break from my regular selfie outfit post 😉

We went to an industrial looking area in Berlin and I love how the photos show a real contrast between me, my outfit and the surroundings. It is also a change from my usual inside settings, which felt refreshing for a change.

I must say that it was a truly wonderful and also strange experience to be photographed by someone else for a change. Kirsten was amazing and guided me so well, but I felt strangely nervous and shy.. I seemed to have forgotten all of my regular poses and facial expressions once someone else was holding the camera. (anyone recognise this?)
Afterwards it felt a bit therapeutical, waiting for the photos, because for some reason if I didn’t ‘pose’ my face and body like I normally do it would capture the ‘real’ me. So does that mean that the results show what I really look like? Insecure and nerve wrecking to say the least.

All of the above thinking happened for about 5 minutes and I quickly realised that I should just let go. The alter ego Lana Red vs me discussion in my head aside, I had fun! And that’s the most important thing, I realised that I really liked to have my picture taken, to climb those stairs and feeling to be part of what turns out to be a wonderful photo in a beautiful setting filled with contrasts.OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast OUTFIT | Contrast


Photography by Kirsten van Niekerk
Green dress by H&M
Flats by Cocorose London


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