The selection of clothing should be approached with special care: these are things we have to wear more than one season and to combine with many different items of clothing. So you can find your perfect option, we decided to explore what will be fashionable outerwear 2020. So, we present you the most complete guide on styles of outerwear for the new season! All the things we have chosen will survive more than one year and will be important to look in any way.


Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Bomber jacket — the protagonist of the new fashion season. Such a thing will instantly add to your wardrobe sporty chic, so topical in this season. To take the momentum of this style are obviously not going so that you can wear your bomber far more than one season. You can combine it with sneakers and shiny heels, so the best buy. If you don’t like too obvious mixing of styles, pick a bomber neutral design. In the collections of many brands you can find solid models of tranquil colors. With regard to the temperature, the selection of bombers is quite large, from windbreakers to parkas, sewn in fit the bomber with elastic at the bottom.


Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Outerwear oversized format does not lose its popularity. Deliberately could be the cloak or coat, parka or jacket, biker jacket or blazer. Many oversized things can be worn with belt or without, altering thus the silhouette. Anyway, try to try on the items with the largest possible number of existing things to make sure that you will be able to build a lot of harmonious images. Oversized for a modern versatile wardrobe and capricious for the conservative.

Floor-length coat

Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Fashion coats-Maxi came to us last year and firmly entrenched in the ratings trends. Long coat is so loved by stylists that some brands and this year continued the creation of the models to the floor. Choosing to long coat, be aware that the maximum length requires a heel. Fortunately, now in Vogue broad and sustainable options, so you can find pretty easy a couple in the fall or even winter. With a flat course you can also experiment, but it is much easier to manage the girls above average height. Otherwise, if the silhouette is created correctly, a long coat in the image creates a great feeling of glamour and aristocracy with what you combined.

Sand color

Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

The next piece of news will appeal to those who are tired of the abundance of black and gray colors in the cold season. The main color of clothing in this season is sand. However, you can find another similar shade of beige the one you like the most to face.

Trench coat, pea coat, overcoat

Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

In the matter of style durable place is military. Popular any garments that have their roots in military uniforms. Classic trench coats in various lengths, double breasted pea coat long overcoat with shoulder straps — all these modern trends. The length and degree of insulation choose according to your taste, not necessarily to reproduce a military thing. The main thing — a small recognizable details.

Bright fur

Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Coats of bright fur is a favorite of this winter. Brightness may appear in color or texture, and sometimes — in both of these nuances at the same time. Cut the fur too, sometimes very original: an oversized, cropped sleeves, large hoods, such details will play a big role in building your image. Another good news is that for the manufacture of fancy coats even the largest global brands choose faux fur. This significantly lowers the cost of finished stuff, so will not have to invest in a trend that will not last too long.

Large collar

Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Major gate the best decoration trendy coat or jacket. The collar can be decorated with various pieces of or even entirely made of a different material. The most practical way of embodying this trend, detachable collars from fur, or fur scarves. Another option is boa or very dense and large tippet, artfully tied at the neck and shoulders. Here appears a whole ocean of possibilities, so in this way you will be able to diversify your wardrobe without purchasing many costly and takes the place of things.


Трендовая верхняя одежда сезона осень-зима 2019-2020

Classic a-line cut is forever. Coats and overcoats, A-line appeared on the catwalks this year. In stores you can find models in different versions, of any material, with a variety of decoration or without it. The last option, of course, is the most versatile. This cut is the favorite of many designers and stylists. It somehow manifests itself in every season and is very flattering the female figure. So, perhaps, is the number-one recommendation, though she was left for last.

As you can see, the choice of outerwear this season is the widest. You can find things for any occasion, no matter what style stick. To purchase was the most practical before you start shopping to perform your closet and write down what upper garment is already there. Think, what are suitable available things, and which sets, on the contrary, was left without a «top». So it will be easier to navigate and to purchase an alternative thing, which will close a certain niche in my wardrobe and not simply repeat the past purchases feature. A pleasant shopping!

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