Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Lounge Furniture Chairs Sofas 3

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Lounge Furniture Chairs Sofas 3
Photo by Zeke Reulas

Spring has officially sprung (as of a few weeks ago), and summer is right around the corner. Unless you are in New York that is, and you are still stuck in snowstorms from last week. But, the warmer temperatures means it’s time to dust off your outdoor areas, spruce up the backyard or terrace and enjoy the sun and all that Vitamin D. Although you may think it is a little bit premature for an “outdoor furniture” post, let us remind you that a lot of this stuff is cleared out pretty quickly due to limited stocks as well as making room for the fall holidays (which come faster and faster every year). So today, we are bringing you a roundup of our favorite lounge furniture.

Emily Henderson Outdoor Furniture Lounge Furniture Chairs Sofas 5
Photo by Tessa Neustadt

A few quick points to remember before you start looking for furniture. Think about how you are going to use the furniture – although this post is all about lounge furniture some of these are cushioned while some are not. If you plan on spending hours and hours outside basking in the sun while flipping through your favorite magazines whilst drinking some rosé then some of the woven or metal seat options may not be the best for you and you should opt for something with a cushion. On the alternative, if your backyard space is limited then don’t try and squeeze a huge lounge-y piece into a tiny little area thinking that it is going to instantly create an outdoor oasis. Although these are outside, a lot of the design rules we have covered before apply out here as well. Be mindful of scale, size, and pattern.

You may also have noticed that the majority of what we pulled is more neutral in color, pattern, and style. While we love making a statement outside (have you seen the patio makeover) it should be done with layered pillows, throws, and flowers/greenery rather than the pattern on your sofa. So these neutral options will allow you to add your own personality and style to the piece without the possibility of you deciding that the floral fabric you bought your outdoor sofa in last year is not exactly your style this year. We’ve got another roundup coming up of dining room furniture, outdoor accessories and planters real soon – but today is lounge furniture so let’s get into it.

1. Mastholmen | 2. Alexandra | 3. Oceans Wood & Rope | 4. Brenton Black | 5. Jasper | 6. Pomona | 7. Pacific All Weather | 8. Tassa | 9. Corded Weave 2-Piece | 10. Henning 11. Fernhill Metal | 12. Standish | 13. Roll Arm Upholstered | 14. Capistrano | 15. Kungsholmen | 16. Cayman | 17. Fullerton | 18. Fermob Croisette | 19. Bangor 2pc | 20. Whitewash Sevilla | 21. Sundial | 22. Sol | 23. Henry | 24. Pacifica

1. Latigo 3pc | 2. Mid-Century Outdoor Show Wood | 3. White Evanston Indoor And Outdoor | 4. Black Bucket | 5. White Strap Girona Set Of 2 | 6. Sundial | 7. Standish 2pc | 8. Pacific All Weather | 9. Alexandra | 10. Breton Black Metal | 11. Modern Adirondack | 12. Sunset Teak | 13. Palm Beach | 14. Bangor 3pc | 15. Capsule | 16. Brava | 17. Jasper | 18. Teaka | 19. Fernhill 2pk | 20. Cream All Weather Wicker Negril | 21. 1730 Grey Rocking | 22. Cliffside | 23. Woven Malawi | 24. Open Weave | 25. Barwick | 26. Mastholmen | 27. Capistrano | 28. Teak Wood And All Weather Wicker Hakui Set of 2 | 29. Whitewash Sevilla | 30. Southport 3pc

1 Caprice Lounge | 2. Oceans Wood and Rope  | 3. Fullerton Lounger | 4. Solano Lounger | 5. Crosby Lounger | 6. Filaki Lounge | 7. Mid Century Lounger | 8. Maddalena Wood Lounger

Let us know if you have any questions on any of these or your outdoor area and we will do our best to get them answered.

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