We’re working with The Shade Store on a new project that will be debuting soon as a webisode! The home is a complete transformation! Typically when people move into a new space, one of the costs people forget to factor in are window treatments. But they make a huge difference and instantly impact a space! 

Best of the Shade Store

The Shade Store makes buying new custom window treatments so simple. You pick out swatches of what you want to see and they send them to you for free within 2-3 business days. Then you measure (of have your space measured), buy what you need, and install it! 

We’ve used them before in one of our favorite projects, the Midway House!

Miller+Master+1.jpgBest of the Shade StoreBest of the Shade Store

Here is a sneak peek of our upcoming webisode! All the window treatments are from The Shade Store. Even in an empty home, you can see how much warm the roman shades add to the space! 

the shade store

We’ve picked a few of our favorite roller shades, wovens, and romans!  

Our Favorite Window Treatments from The Shade Store