Over the years we’ve become increasingly good at unlocking the potential in our homes and maximizing the efficiency and comfort so we can pack everything we need in a small space. Densely-populated cities reflect this better than anything else. Architects and interior designers are constantly innovating and coming up with new ways of maximizing storage space and minimizing clutter by incorporating smart technologies into their creations. One of the most impressive and inspiring materializations of this strategy is Ori (derived from “origami”).

Ori is the result of a partnership between design studio fuseproject and MIT the objective of which was to find a way of incorporating multiple functions and features into a single unit scenario able to adapt to a small space and to transform it based on the user’s needs. The system is perfect for small studio apartments and tiny homes in general.

This smart furniture system lets you squeeze a living room, a bedroom and a home office inside a tiny space. It does that by incorporating multiple functions inside a single furniture unit. A bedroom and a closet on one side and a home office and entertainment space on the other keep your private and social life separate but within the same room.

A small pyramid-shaped control panel is found on one side of the module. It allows the user to control and to alter the layout of the space as well as the lighting. You can predefine settings for each function and you can also adjust everything using an app on your smartphone.

The bed fits under the storage modules and can slide out when you need it. It’s a very convenient combination which allows you to free up a pretty large amount of floor space during the day to make room for other things.

A small laptop desk is built into one side of the unit. It’s compact and simple and there’s plenty of storage above it for all the work-related items you might need. Just add a chair and you’re ready to take care of business.

On the other side of the unit there’s a shelving system with room at the center for a large TV. Just below the TV there’s a surface which can be used as an extra shelf or as a bench. The design is meant to maximize storage space and to minimize clutter.

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