In my previous post I showed you an easy to incorporate in your home Wooden Room divider. Today I love to show you two different and more organic Room dividers by dBodhi. As true crafters of origin dBodhi look for the best possible harmony between culture and nature.  

organic room dividers by Dbodhi

Knut Divider

Decorated with a beautifully detailed, organic abaca weave, and a high-quality teak, the Knut Divider offers both an art piece and a practical design solution. Considered the strongest of natural fibers and very eco-friendly, abaca is named by the United Nations as ‘Future Fiber’. 

Harvesting and processing the raw material is a labor-intensive job. After blossoming, the abaca is cut down and the fiber-bearing stalk is cut into strips of fiber, which are scraped to remove pulp. After washing and drying them, craftsmen use different traditional techniques to braid or hand weave the fibers into beautiful sustainable items of a very high quality.

organic room dividers by Dbodhi


organic room dividers by Dbodhi

Coco divider

With the Coco divider even more privacy is guaranteed. The divider has a frame of high-quality reclaimed teak wood, combined with beautifully detailed woven doors, handmade from the midrib of the coconut palm leaves, adding texture to the room. After cutting down the palm leaves, the midribs are carefully removed and put to dry and thin twigs are spun together with yarn on a traditional loom that is manually operated by craftsmen. 

organic room divider by dbodhi
Images courtesy dBodhi

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