Being such a vibrant and striking color, orange has become a trendy color in a lot of modern and contemporary interior decors. We’re now more inclined to integrate such powerful colors in our home decors, being guided by the desire to stand out and to rediscover the essence and beauty of pure color palettes. Orange, green, turquoise, yellow and lots of other bright and cheerful colors can have a refreshing effect on the decor, giving it a fun and welcoming vibe in ways you haven’t even imagined.

From orange walls to furniture that somehow integrates this color, there are many beautiful and interesting ways in which you can take advantage of what this shade has to offer. These orange walls, for instance, open up the dining area making it seem open, brighter and even taller.

Picture this scenario: you find a beautiful orange chair for your office or something for your living room in the same color but you’re worried about not being able to match it with anything else in the room’s decor. Well, you shouldn’t be. You can easily solve that problem with some artwork.

These orange poufs are just amazing. They look so cute and delicious, like fuzzy oranges. They also have the ability to brighten up a space and make it look cheerful and fun. They complement a neutral-colored sofa or they can be added to an already colorful decor.

Of course, not all orange shades are so bright and bold. If you’d rather keep your decor a bit more neutral and toned down, pick a darker shade of orange, something closer to brown than to yellow or red.

The material and texture matter just as much as the color. In fact, they’re all in perfect sync. Check out how rich and sumptuous this velvet-like orange armchair and its matching accent pillow look and how nicely they complement the gray-toned decor.

Don’t limit yourself to a single shade of orange if you actually like your decor to be diversified and colorful. You can use this combination as an inspiration source. Here, poufs in four different colors are used as seating for a simple-looking table.

Orange is more versatile than you think, as a color. It goes well with neutrals like beige and green but it also looks beautiful when mixed with browns, blues, greens and other colors.

In the living room, the easiest way to introduce an accent color is with the help of the accent pillows on the sofa. But they might look out of place if nothing else in the room features the same color. In this particular case, it’s the display cabinets that match the little orange accents in the room.

Orange lampshades are exquisite because they give out this warm and pleasant light. They also look pretty cool and funky most of the time. You can opt for orange lamps for your bedroom and they can match the pillows, area rug or the bedding.

There are plenty of other ways to use orange in the bedroom. Keep in mind, however, that it’s a bright and vibrant color so don’t overdo it. After all, you want the room to be relaxing and calming. Consider some orange accent pillows, an orange headboard or some orange decorations to display on the dresser, nightstands or desk.

We’ve already mentioned accent pillows a few times so you know how versatile they are, both from an aesthetic and a practical point of view. They can be added to pretty much any room of the house so if you’re looking for a way to introduce orange somewhere, this might be it.

Orange furniture is quite different than accent pillows, lampshades and other elements. It takes more courage to choose a piece of furniture that has a bold and unusual color. If you’re brave enough, step away from the same old wood-colored armchairs and get something that stands out.

An orange sofa or sectional, especially one in bold and vibrant tone like this one, inevitably becomes a focal point. As such, you should plan the rest of the room’s decor based on this element.

Orange pairs well with blue. These are two colors that complement each other nicely. One is bright and cheerful and the other is soothing and cool. You can put these two colors together in your decor and they’ll highlight each other.

You can use orange to make a space seem more open, airy and bright. This can compensate for the lack of natural light. For instance, these orange armchairs and the matching floor lamp make the room seem less dark and boring.

There’s a little bit of orange in here too, although it’s not in any way the dominating color. Still, it’s the element that gives the space a warm and glowing look.

With a design and form as dramatic as this, any color could suit this armchair. This bright shade of orange gives it a lot of character turning it into a focal point.

It can be fun to add a bit of color to the office. Maybe not paint the walls or anything like that but add some color in other ways like with a chair, a desk, a lamp or some other piece of furniture or accessory.

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